One-night stand: Men, follow these 5 rules!

Planning a one night stand? Then, you will surely rock in the bed with these 5 amazing tips!

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If you are planning for a one night stand with a partner whom you have met on a dating app or through a common friend and wish to take things further, then here are certain guidelines one should follow before opting for a one-night stand.

Carry condoms: When you are about to have a one-night stand then just make sure that you carry condoms with you.

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Clarify your intentions: Be clear about what you want. Don t give false hopes to your partner. Tell her about all that you wish to do while having a one-night stand.

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Avoid eating gassy foodstuffs: Don t fart while your special night is in progress or don t eat foods which make you feel bloated. Avoid eating foods which give you bad breath as it can turn your partner off.

Stop getting clingy: Yes! You have heard it right! It was a one night stand, just get over it. Don t call or text your partner. Don t assume that it has got you another chance.

Leave immediately after having sex: Follow this tip! Don t linger around with your partner for a walk or a coffee. Just keep in mind that it was a one-night stand. So, move on.

Follow these rule book and have an amazing experience!

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