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Bad news for night owls: Sleeping less may damage your sperm health

Are you listening guys? You need to increase your snooze time.

Written by Aishwarya Iyer |Updated : July 11, 2018 1:30 AM IST

Rahul Dixit (name changed) was a corporate employee who was a confident, young man. Given his talent and work commitments, he was always on the move. But he suffered a peculiar problem- dipped desire for sex. So severe was the issue that it had created a rift in his marital life.

'A thorough examination of his habits revealed that the only thing that could possibly result in reduced libido and sperm quality was lack of sleep. He travelled all around the globe, thus affecting his sleep hygiene. This had a direct impact on his libido and sperm quality too,' said Dr Sanjay Kumawat, Consultant Psychiatrist and Sexologist, Fortis Mulund. This is not an individual case, says doctor!

Guys, listen up! While we know that staying up all night texting or talking to your loved ones in this weather is one of the best things you'd want to do, this may lower your sperm health. Yes, you read that right. A study in the Medical Science Monitor, found a strong link between sperm count, health and sleep.

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The study concluded that short and long sleep durations and later bedtime can reduce sperm count, survival, and motility. This simply means that men who go to bed after midnight had the worst sperm motility while those who slept between 8pm and 10pm had the best motility. We ask an expert to decode this for us!

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It added that going to bed late in the night and not getting enough sleep can result in your body releasing -ASA (anti-Sperm Antibodies) which destroys healthy sperms.

Dr Kumawat says, "Adequate sleep is essential for a proper healthy sperm production, as it maintains a good libido. Stress rooting from inadequate sleep causes release of glucocorticoid, a hormone that suppresses the levels of Testosterone, which causes poor quality of sperms. Oxidative effect of erratic sleep habits that disrupt the necessary level of sex hormones, cause ill health of the sperms.On an average, say about 6-7 hours of sleep is essential for any adult human being."

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Apart from irregular or less sleep, other lifestyle habits that hamper your sperm health can be-

  • Smoking tobacco like substances
  • Obesity
  • Lack of exercise
  • Erratic sleep/ food habits
  • In short poor lifestyle


Liu, M.-M., Liu, L., Chen, L., Yin, X.-J., Liu, H., Zhang, Y.-H., Yu, C.-H. (2017). Sleep Deprivation and Late Bedtime Impair Sperm Health Through Increasing Antisperm Antibody Production: A Prospective Study of 981 Healthy Men. Medical Science Monitor : International Medical Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research, 23, 1842 1848.

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