When your boy friend is a lazy lad: 9 tricks to deal with him

Girl, your lazy boyfriend loves you but he loves his laziness slightly more than you. But try to find ways to deal with him.

Dating an inactive guy is like mothering a baby sloth. You try your best to implant some sort of activity in him, but nothing is going to change him because inactivity is his nature. But do not worry, he loves you but he loves his laziness slightly more than you! Here we are talking about a guy who is a man-child. For such a loser you are the only one who takes care of his needs, of him and the relationship too. Lazy men are irresponsible, abusive and controlling. Whatever you do for them they will never be happy. They give fragile reasons for no work, complain and do not help you even in household chores. But there are various ways to deal with them.

Well, here we have mentioned a few ways to deal with a man-child.

  1. First, understand the reason for his laziness. Is something is compelling him to be this way or he was always like this. Talk to him directly and explain how this is affecting you emotionally, financially and physically too.
  2. Plan out something for his improvement, discuss his career plan with him. Know what he wants to do. Encourage him for better if you can see a silver lining and see how it works.
  3. Give him a buffer time to get things sorted and straight. Be stern and reasonable. Tel him this attitude is not acceptable and he needs to change his behaviour socially and personally towards you and treat you with respect.
  4. Finances are the most important part that needs to be discussed. When he is lazy, it is most likely that he is living on your earnings. Give him a blunt proposal. If you are sharing the place, he needs to take care of half the expenses. You can divide the bills and other expenses.
  5. Let him know nothing comes for free, so if he is doing a part-time job give him the smaller burden of expenses. If he is studying, he is very likely to use it as an excuse for not working.
  6. If he is a full-time professional ask him to bear an equal share of expenses. And he should also share household work. Be it cooking, doing the dishes or the laundry, whatever he is comfortable in. Just get him off the couch.
  7. Do not fall prey to his sugar-coated words. He will use it as a weapon whenever you will think about taking a stern decision.
  8. Take social help if he is abusive. Talk about these issues with a counsellor to tackle emotional trauma. Contact social services or the police for help. This should awaken his lazy mind.
  9. Give an ultimatum, if nothing works and just dump him! Ask him to leave if he stays at your house. If possible change your number.

It may sound harsh, but remember he is not worthy of all your love. He has only compelled you to take this tough decision. So better stop worrying and MOVE ON!

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