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The strength of solo: Science-backed benefits of singlehood

A study has found out that single people have an increased sense of self-determination and they also experience continued growth and development as compared to the ones who’re married.

Are you single and ready to be mingle? Well, take a look at the benefits of singlehood before you create your dating app profile.

Written by Sanyukta Baijal |Updated : March 19, 2020 10:55 AM IST

Romantic relationships have been eulogised in literature and cinema through ages. Now, with the emergence of social media, the celebration of this 'happily settled' status has gained a new dimension altogether. Well, there is no denying the bliss of a strong couple relationship. Research also validates the manifold benefits of having a life partner. But our starry-eyed vision about romantic relationships at times blinds us of the benefits of singlehood. However, if research in the field of psychology is to be believed, then the life of a solo has its own set of benefits, starting from stronger social bonding to better focus on a healthy lifestyle. Here are science-backed reasons to give a break to your online dating apps.

You make healthier life choices

Turns out that single people lead a healthier life than their married counterparts. Several studies suggest that single people work out more frequently than married people. A survey published in the Journal of Women's Health revealed that single women had lower Body Mass Index (BMI), a marker of your weight, than married women. The former also had a lower risk of alcohol and smoking addiction. Another research, featured in the Journal of Marriage and Family, found that single men had a lower chance of falling prey to cardiac ailments. Well, while these studies may motivate you to stay single, take all of it with a pinch of salt. More research is required to draw a conclusive inference about these.

You stay more focussed

A study at the University of California, Santa Barbara, found out that single people have an increased sense of self-determination and they also experience continued growth and development as compared to the ones who're married. The analysis was done on life-long single people who were most self-sufficient had lesser chance of experiencing negative emotions.

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Your stress quotient is low

This one is a no-brainer. You don't need research to tell you that the life of a single person is a lot more stress-free than who are 'happily settled'. However, various studies also back up this finding. The fact that you are not accountable or responsible for anyone is a major stress-buster, let alone other worrying relationship issues that you won't have to face.

You become more creative

Several studies have proven that if you are happy and comfortable in your own skin, being single can be positive. Being on your own can mean less stress and more happiness the essential factors for creativity. Additionally, you have more alone time which allows you to focus on things that you love doing. Solitude can also sharpen your cognitive faculties while leaving enough room for connecting with the self. All these are necessary for the making of a creative person.

You are more connected, socially

According to a research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, single people are more sociable, they nurture their connections with people and receive more support as compared to married couples. The findings revealed that single people are more likely to keep in touch with parents, siblings and friends than married or divorced people. Therefore, in both men and women, being single results in increased social connections.

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