Some much-needed rules for PDA

Always remember an overdose of PDA could make people uncomfortable around you. Learn to draw the line.

Is embracing each other passionately in public right? Why not, you may ask. After all, it's a free world and also you get to see celebs holding hands in public nowadays. And yes, no one should endorse moral policing. Every couple has the right to display their affection for each other but there is also something known as the etiquette of public affection. One should always remember an overdose of PDA could make people uncomfortable around you. So where do you need to draw the line?

Thumb rule

When you are in love you definitely can't keep hands off each other. But if there's an uncontrollable urge to show public display of affection then would you be comfortable getting intimate with each other in front of elders? If the answer is no then to draw the line would be better.

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Just a kiss

Just a peck on the cheeks may be quite harmless. But it is unacceptable if you indulge in smooching in a public area. According to relationship experts, couples should always distinguish between getting affectionate and getting passionate in public.

Please don't grope

Do not grope in public, no matter whether you are in a remote corner of your university campus or in the park. It can draw disapproval if you are all over each other in a public space.

Others have their rights too

The way a couple has a right to be affectionate in public, others too have a right to voice their disapproval. So always keep in mind that what may seem acceptable PDA limits to you may not be same to others.

Online PDA

You may think that expressing love for each other through a social media post can't be disapproved. Or you may believe that posting intimate photos on social media can be cool. But you are wrong! Social media is an open forum and your intimate posts might irritate your friends and if some people don't like those indecent posts they can report it too. So it is always better to stay away from over online PDA.

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