5 signs you are compromising your self respect in a relationship

5 signs you are compromising your self respect in a relationship

Watch out for these red flags when you are in love!

Written by Sandhya Raghavan |Published : November 15, 2017 6:21 AM IST

Love should uplift you, let alone making you feel run down and depressed. Sadly, a lot of people routinely experience humiliation and low self esteem in their relationship, because they don't feel valued or respected by their partners. In a healthy relationship, both the parties put in equal effort in nurturing their bond. Yet in some cases, one person ends up doing all the heavy lifting and ends up feeling underappreciated. It is a classic sign that they are compromising too much and their efforts are not being valued. If you find yourself in such an equation, it's probably time to pack up and leave. Here are five signs you are compromising on your self respect a little too much.

1. Your opinions have little value

Are you tired of being interrupted mid-sentence? Do they even ask you whether you are free on Saturday before they make plans? How often have you had to put up with a boring French art house movie on a Saturday night because your sweetheart assumed you'd be OK with it? When they don't ask you for your opinion or even consider what you have to say, the sign is clear -- they don't respect you too much.

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2.They ask you for one too many favours

...That's because they know you won't say no! Most people think that the surest way to win their lover's heart is by showing them their good side. That could have a kernel of truth since most of us do gravitate towards good people. But that doesn't mean you have to compromise your self respect. Say no when you have to! Conceding to their every demand won't make them love you more. It could make you look more pathetic in their eyes.

3.They never go out of their way

When was the last time they cancelled all their other plans just to meet you? Never? But the last time they rang you up out of the blue, you ditched your relatives and ran out of a family function. Too many of these instances and you have got yourself a real problem. Here are some signs that your love is one-sided.

4.You don't support what they do

So you are a left-of-centre liberal and they are far right! You are a vegan and they are an inveterate meat eater. That's OK as long as they respect your views. But they run you down from time-to-time and make fun of what is sacred to you, it's probably not worth it. It could be a political ideology or a way of life, if they don't fit in with your belief system, you don't have to make place for them in your life.

5.You always feel rotten on the inside

Sometimes, no matter how willing you may seem to make these compromises, somewhere it really hurts. And if that feeling gets worse with every passing day, it's a sign that you should probably leave the person. Sure, it may hurt at first. But it will save you a lot of heart ache in the days to come.

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