Real men tell you how they deal with a breakup

Deal with a breakup like a pro.

It may seem like men get over heartbreaks easily but that is not the case with everyone. Some even end up taking extreme steps like doing drugs. On the other hand of the spectrum, there are these men who know that life does not end with a breakup. We got some real men to tell you what they did to get over a break-up.

I started counting the negatives

'For every good thing about the relationship that would come in my mind about my, I would start thinking about a negative thing. Eventually, negative things were fresher in my mind. I prevented nostalgia from overtaking me by thinking about the negatives in my relationship', says Raja.

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I deleted her memories

'I deleted all her pictures from my phone. They were all substituted with bikini pictures of other women. I burned down every bit of her existence and also made sure that I returned all her gifts', says Joshua. Also, read these 7 books to get over a break-up.

I found solace in my friends

'I started having some great time by reconnecting with old friends. I started to socialize and met new people every day. With so many people around me I hardly ever missed my ex', says Gaurav.

I took up my hobby

'I started doing things I love. I enrolled myself in a badminton academy and started training and participating in state level badminton competitions. Within months I realized that I had bigger goals in life and such unimportant incidences cannot break me down', says Aaron. Did you know women recover faster after a break-up?

I dated my best friend

'I started dating my best friend. I found peace in her. One day when I was sharing my part of the story to her while taking a stroll on a beach, I realized that my fears of loneliness were unfounded. My best friend stood by me through thick and thin. It s been eight years, and we are still going strong. I think you need to make mistakes if you want to find the right one for you', says Chetan.

I took revenge

'My ex-cheated on me and I had to give her my piece of mind. I shared all our personal pics with her then boyfriend making sure that she was also sailing in the same rough boat as mine', says Debashish.

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