Real Indian men and women share their good and disastrous first date experiences

From creepy men to women who leave you tongue-tied, the experiences can be quite varied.

Our first date experiences whether good or bad always stay etched in our minds and hearts. With the casual dating scenario, there are too many first dates to count but then we all have these special or awful first date encounters we ve had at least once in life that we remember forever. Some men and women share their good and disastrous or hilarious first date experiences with us.

We met for coffee after a few days of chatting online. The conversations got so interesting that we decided to move on to dinner. Post dinner, we went to another coffee place and then for a drive too. We spent almost 11 hours together on our first date and we didn t get bored of each other. One of the best experiences, shares Kriya.

Not everyone is as lucky as Kriya! Sometimes people are not at all like their online persona and are very different in person. Barnali was chatting with a guy who was studying medicine in Russia and had come to India for a break. "His vocabulary and thought process seemed interesting so we decided to meet. This is where it got weird. He was dressed shabbily, couldn t speak English, didn t know what to talk so got some board games and asked me to teach him how to play. Finished the game and bid goodbye. He didn t even wait till be cab arrived, says Barnali.

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Not just the women, the men have weird experiences to share too. This girl I met was all about bragging. From the time she entered the restaurant till she left, all she did was tell me how influential every relative of hers was, how her cousins were making millions abroad and how her father never wanted her to use public transport and the list continues. Needless to say, I never met her again, says Gurmeet.

From obnoxious first dates to really creepy ones, the experiences are enough to make one wonder whether it is worth it! I had planned to meet this guy for coffee. Apparently, that complex also had a movie hall. Since he couldn t strike a conversation, he suggested we go for a movie. I agreed unwillingly. During the movie, he tried to touch me in all possible ways and passed cheeky remarks. I sat through the movie but ghosted the creep thereafter, says Ayesha. Find out about the times you need not feel guilty about ghosting someone.

We went out to a fancy restaurant for a date. We had met through Tinder so I wanted to conceal this from my friends. Luck had it and they all arrived at the same place. The worst part was that they joined us and sat through the evening. Thankfully, she was very sporty and had a good time , says Ashutosh. Want to know how to compliment a girl? Here are some fake but believable compliments all guys give to woo girls.

Sometimes, just sometimes, things have a way of working themselves out despite first date bloopers! We had been talking to each other for quite some time and met a few times too. This one time, she was staying over at my place and I decided to take her out for a candlelight dinner. It was an official date. Just before we could leave, my flatmate arrived and showed interest in joining us. We couldn t deny and had the candlelight dinner with him. My girlfriend still picks on me for that episode, says Paresh.

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