Is your partner possessive? Look out for these red flags

Do you want to go out shopping with your friends and you are not sure if your partner will like to carry on with your plan? Beware! You might be caged in a possessive relationship.

A possessive relationship can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being. Some possessive partners may exhibit mild jealousy while some will try to control every aspect of their partner's life right from your clothes to food to all the important decisions. These relationships are not only unhealthy but harmful as well. Here are few signs of a possessive partner.

  • You partner mat stalk you: You partner me keep an eye on all your activities on your social media account. He/she may often check your phone and read your Whats App messages, check your emails or internet browsing history.
  • Control, control, control: They will interfere in each and everything. They will want to know where, why and with whom you are going. They would not like if you stay out for a longer time. They may unexpectedly show up at your workplace or your home which can be annoying for you.
  • Your partner might get jealous: When you socialize with friends, family or co-workers, they might become angry or upset. Your possessive partner can become jealous if you spend time with your friends and family and can sabotage your relationship with them.
  • Your partner can manipulate you: If you do not do exactly what he wants, your partner might threaten to leave you. Your partner might self-harm himself/ herself or threaten to commit suicide. Your partner can go to any length to make sure that you listen to him/her and spend all your time listening to him/her.

    Your partner will take all decisions regarding your life: Even if the decisions are not related to your partner, he/she will take charge of your life and will force you to change your thought process and decisions.

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    Your partner will not allow you to wear clothes of your choice: Yes! You will have to click your picture and send it to your partner before you step out of the house. You will not like it as you won't be able to dress up the way you used to earlier.

    Your partner will constantly message you and keep nagging: Whether you are in an important meeting, giving a presentation or at a family function, your possessive partner will just not care. He will keep on messaging continuously to keep a check on you.

    Your partner will play the 'love card': To top it all, to justify his/her toxic behaviour, your partner may say that he/she is doing so because he/she loves you. This statement is enough to melt your heart and to not let your partner go.

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