Here's how to fall back in love with your long-term partner

Here's how you can bring the spark back to your relationship.

Let us admit. All relationships start to lose their lustre at some point or the other. And when you do not confront the issue, your relationship can go even staler. There are plenty of things you can do to get back that spark in your relationship. So if your relationship started to feel a little meh, these are the best ways to fall back in love with your partner.

Get away together: There can be nothing better than a vacation away from family, work and everyday stress to bring the two of you closer. Revisiting a romantic getaway and sharing new adventure and experiences can go a long way in reminding you of your exciting days. Even if it is a short weekend getaway just go for it as it can do wonders.

Listen to your partner: Rather than going on a rant about your own life, spend time listening. Listen to partner, understand his struggles and then lend him your support. Simple words like I am with you or we will sail through it together will give him the assurance that you still care for him.

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Pay more attention to your partner: Your daily life can get you too busy to notice your partner. But paying more attention can help you fall back in love. Complimenting your partner for his or her appearance or showing certain gestures of appreciation will make your partner feel desirable and loved. Noticing your partner can be a good way to bring back some of the moments you shared when you were first dating. Here are 5 ways to keep the romance alive living in a joint family.

Don t bring work to the dinner table: Checking your emails at the dinner table isn t just bad for your mental health but also your relationship. You surely do not want to direct all your conversations to your office and your emails. Instead, converse about things that you both are interested.

Go for a date: Sometimes a dinner date can be all you need to reconnect. You can plan the evening for the both of you and keep the details under wraps. That way you will not only get to spend quality time with each other but also get a chance to surprise your partner. Here are 8 oh-so-romantic winter date ideas.

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