Don’t let a break-up wreak havoc on your mental health amidst the lockdown

Handling a break-up is tough, psychologically and physically. But it has an even worse effect on your mind if it happens over a phone call or text without proper closure. We tell you how to deal with it in a sane way, amidst the lockdown.

Nothing can be worse than going through a break-up during the COVID-19 pandemic. Already people are dealing with social isolation, lockdown, fear of COVID-19 infection, and job insecurity. A break-up at this time would be too much to handle for anyone.

Coping with a break-up can be intensely painful. But if it happens amidst the lockdown over a phone call or a text without a proper closure, itmay get even worse. According to a study published in Journal of Neurophysiology, feelings after a break-up are similar to cocaine cravings. Yes, love tends to activate the parts of the brain which are associated with motivation, reward, addiction and cravings. Researchers who were working on the study found a connection between getting rejected romantically and cocaine craving through brain images. The study was conducted on people who were apparently dumped by their partners. The participants reported being still in love with their ex. The researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging to monitor their brain activity which revealed that they spent hours thinking that their partner would come back to them.

If you are having similar feelings post your recent break-up,following the below tips may help you overcome the emotional chaos and move on.

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Cry your heart out

Whether the break-up was mutual or one-sided, it always hurts. And ignoring these feelings won't help you feel better. So, the best thing to do is NOT to hold back your tears and cry it out. If you're keeping your feelings bottled up and not able to cry out, then put on your saddest playlist or think of those sweet memories with your ex. This may help you shed tears. It's important to grieve at the end of the relationship otherwise your feelings may resurface during unexpected moments.

Getting a closure is important

Due to the lockdown, it is next to impossible to go and meet your ex to talk about your situation unless you live with them. Chances are there that you didn't receive a proper heart-to-heart closure and there is still a lot left to be said and heard from. Healing process requires closure, even if it happens virtually. You need to have afinal conversation with your partner. Or else you'll have to reopen your wounds later when you meet him/her in person which won't be healthy for your mental being and may put you on a high risk of depression.

Time for a digital detox

After getting a closure, it is time for you to take care of yourself and deal with the hurtful feelings. You will be tempted to check up on your ex, making you scroll his tweets or posts on social media. Don't do that, as it can take a toll on your mental health and stop you from moving ahead with life. Deactivate your online accounts or decrease the use of social media and give yourself some 'me time'.

Hang out with friends

If you have been living alone during this lockdown, stay connected with friends and family virtually. Connect with your long-lost friends through text, video calls, organize digital gatherings, and share about your feelings to your best friend. By doing this your brain will be reminded of the fact that you're not alone and you have people to rely on even when you physically away from them.

Invest in your 'me' time

It may sound clich to say but investing time in hobbies or doing what you like is a great option to divert your mind from your current feelings. Spending time doing the household work like cleaning or washing utensils is also a good option to keep yourself busy. Everyone is different and each person recovers at a different pace. So, be patient and keep calm.

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