Clear signs that you're just a backup plan for him

In this casual dating age, it's very easy for a guy to manipulate you into believing that he is with you when actually he's still cruising through the options he has.

We all want to be the top choices for our partners. But in this casual dating age, it s very easy for a guy to manipulate you into believing that he is with you when actually he s still cruising through the options he has. It s normal to be blinded when you really like the guy, but if you don t want to be labelled as his side chick or a backup plan, you need to take a call. If you are confused, here are some clear signs that you re not the frontrunner in his life:

#Sign 1: He doesn t believe in labels. That s actually very lame. He can t stop mentioning about his friends significant others but doesn t really want to give a name to your relationship is a sign he s just chilling out with you without getting serious.

#Sign 2: He acts like a miser with you. A guy who is serious about you will always have the chivalry to pay for your coffee or take you out on dates once in a while or even get you some small gift. In case of side chicks, guys just live on their money. They ll meet you or go out with you as a favour and you ll end up paying most of the times because you ll be guilty of calling them out.

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#Sign 3: He disappears once in a while. There ll be days when he won t call you a lot or text much and stay aloof. No, he doesn t really need space. His top choice might be around and he s busy spending time with her.

#Sign 4: He ll keep the conversations on and keep mushrooming in your life and even pretend to be the nice guy. But he will meet you only at his convenience. He might even walk out of a date citing unreasonable excuses. Beware, he might be rushing to his ex or his latest crush.

#Sign 5: None of his friends or family knows about you. He, in fact, goes hiding if you both are outside and he spots a colleague or old school friend. He might later on give you excuses that he ll tell them when the time comes, but deep down you know it never will.

#Sign 6: The emotional connection is missing. You might enjoy his company but he s never cuddled you in a way you melt in his arms or made you feel like a princess. He might be great in bed and show you all the kissing there, but he won t make love to you. It s going to be only sex.

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