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Me-time is a necessity, not luxury in a relationship

Spending time alone while being in a relationship helps you to declutter your mind.

Written by Kristina Das |Updated : July 25, 2018 11:36 PM IST

With relationship comes a lot of responsibilities. So, wanting some time for your own self becomes a necessity as you end up spending most of your time focussing on your partner. Of course, you love the person you are with but you need to have some space for yourself too. Excessive dependence can harm you and your partner as well. Believe it or not, part of having a healthy relationship involves having me-time, too.

Here's why some me-time will help you to make your relationship stronger.

Reduce stress

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A relationship is more like work they need effort. They're basically like a full-time job. It could take a toll on you without you even realizing it, even you love being in a relationship. Doesn't matter whether you are in a healthy relationship or a rough relationship, it can create stress either way. Spending time alone helps your mind to declutter.

Giving space

Of course, intimacy needs no boundaries. But, counsellors say breathing space in a relationship is necessary. Making a relationship work needs effort; both partners need to overcome several challenges to stay together harmoniously. Giving each other space, even if this involves ensuring me-time frequently, will help both partners to process thoughts and feelings about each other.

Reconnecting with oneself

Forgetting your own identity is bad even if you are in a relationship. Losing your personal beliefs and forgetting about your likes and dislikes won't ensure a healthy relationship. Nobody wants a relationship where the other partner dominates every time. So spend some quality time alone and think about your own goals.

Bond better

Most of the couples don't have everything in common. So spend some alone time to enjoy the things that you like to do and eventually introduce it to your partner. Believe me, you will have much more to talk about and enjoy together if you enjoy your own pursuits and interests.

Get things done

To get daily jobs done sometimes you need to leave romantic pursuits. You can make a plan and execute what actually needs to be done to make progress in your personal and professional life if you take some time off for yourself while being in a relationship.

So if your partner wants some "me time," you need to compromise and respect it. No need to feel insecure about it. They are not going anywhere, they just need to unwind themselves. Even according to the relationship experts, me-time can actually make you miss your partner and increases the fondness. Missing him will make you look forward to a greater intimacy.

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