Is your partner caring or controlling?

Signs that indicate that he is not caring but controlling.

Caring is a positive feeling, controlling an uncomfortable one. If the extra care your partner showers on you makes you feel claustrophobic, then the chances are that they are trying to control you. A caring partner doesn t stop you from doing what you like, but controlling behaviour proves just the opposite. Here are some signs that your partner is controlling you not caring for you:

  1. S/he is short tempered and starts getting upset on every small mistake you make. When you argue, the simple explanation is that they care for you and they won t let anyone else talk rudely to you. Of course, they have all the right or so they assume. These are the signs you are in an emotionally abusive relationship.
  2. Rules to call at particular hours, to come back home early, to hang out only with certain people or spend money only on certain things are all drafted for you because they care so much for your betterment. Needless to say, the rules are never meant for them. Watch out for these signs that indicate you re being taken for granted in your relationship.
  3. They stalk you like any insecure lover does. They want to know where you are, when you will be back, where exactly will you be during the day, who will you meet and why you need to meet them and much more. They ll even end up being around the same place and pretend to bump into you at times. If you think this is caring, then you ll have to look up for the meaning again.
  4. If you haven t answered the call once in a blue moon and they panic over it, it can be termed care because they are worried as to what could have happened. But if this is a regular feat, and they start calling the entire world asking where you are the moment you don t answer their phone or respond to the message, it s a surefire sign of controlling.
  5. They decide who you should be friends with. We all have good and bad company but if your partner terms everyone as bad company and keeps forcing you to be away from them under the I care for you and don t want you to be hurt cover, then watch out. Read: 5 signs your partner is extremely selfish.
  6. She comes and pulls off the cigarette from your mouth in public and gives you a lecture. He ensures you switch off your phone at the time he has set for you is this even acceptable? If they care for you, there are ways of putting things in a better way than forcing them upon you. Force equals controlling behaviour.
  7. When you re out with friends, they want you to call time and again not just to say you ve reached safe or OK but to chat up with them. Basically, they are not happy that you are happy without them. They want a complete right over you and so don t mistake this trait of your partner as care because they are trying to take complete control over you.

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