Is it possible to be pregnant and still be a virgin? (Sex query)

This is why an intact hymen is not always a sign of virginity!

My cousin is 5-months pregnant but her doctor said that her hymen is still intact, which means she is still a virgin. How is it possible as she had sex and is pregnant now. Is it possible to be pregnant without losing virginity? Please explain.

The sex query is answered by Dr Rajan Bhosale, Honorary Professor & HOD, Department of sexual medicine, KEM hospital & G.S.Medical College, Mumbai.

Most people believe that the hymen breaks when they have sex for the first time. However, this is not the case with every woman, because the hymen is not the same in every woman and might not be present at all in others. Some women might have a thick hymen that breaks when you have sex and can also lead to pain during sex. In some cases, the hymen is very thin (just like a paper) that hardly causes pain when you have penetrative intercourse. Read more about does it hurt to lose your virginity (and what you can do about it)?

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However, there are cases in which a woman doesn t have a hymen at birth. Yes, it is possible in 10 15% of women. In others, the hymen is very elastic. So during sexual intimacy, the hymen doesn t break (due to its elastic nature) and returns to its usual position after sex. So you are not a virgin once you have sex, but since the hymen is intact, you are considered a virgin. Wondering how can one get pregnant if the hymen is still intact? Well, it is because the hymen has little holes that are big enough for the sperm to enter the vagina and make you pregnant. So technically, your hymen is intact but you are pregnant. This is how, your cousin might have conceived, and is still a virgin.

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