How to last longer in bed -- 7 lifestyle changes for better sex

We'll tell you some lifestyle changes that'll put the passion back in your bedroom and help you last longer in bed.

sex lifeEven though you may think sex is just about pleasure and reproduction, it has several health benefits too! That said, unhealthy lifestyles, especially in urban areas has affected the sex lives of many young couples. In this post, we'll tell you some lifestyle changes that'll put the passion back in your bedroom and help you last longer in bed.

1. Start exercising

Run, jog, walk, swim, dance you can do whatever you choose, but make sure you do it in order to ensure sufficient blood flow to your genital areas. Exercises like abdominal crunches, leg lunges and push-ups will make your muscles strong and make you a better lover. Additionally, exercising will release 'feel-good' endorphins that will make you feel happier ensuring that you enjoy your time in the bed to the fullest!

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2. Eat the right kind of foods

Besides exercising, it is important that you eat the right kind of foods too. If you are short on energy and stamina, then consider eating bananas and strawberries. If stress is what is keeping you down, then consider having a glass of red wine.

3. Quit smoking and alcohol

Smoking can affect your sex life in more ways than one. It can decrease blood flow to the penis, make you feel stressed and lower your stamina. Also, research has found that it reduces sexual desire in men. If you are a smoker, try quitting smoking and see how your libido experiences a sharp rise. As for alcohol, a glass of wine may help you relax but anything more and your performance in bed will suffer.

4. Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation can seriously impact your libido. According to a research conducted by researchers from University of Chicago, men who got less than five hours of sleep at night had lower levels of testosterone. Therefore, it is important that you get 7-8 hours of sleep to boost your sexual performance.

5. Lose weight

Obesity is among the many causes of erectile dysfunction, and can seriously impact a person's sex life. According to a study published in British Medical Journal (BMJ), obese men were two and half times likelier to suffer from erection problems than their non-obese counterparts. You can refer to our weight loss mega guide for tips on losing weight.

6. Reduce stress

Stress is quite common in today's fast paced life. However, there are several ways through which it can be managed. Meditation, massages and having a good attitude are just some things that will help you manage stress.

7. Let your feelings out

According to a study led by Nayla Avada, letting your feelings out can lead to a more satisfactory sex life. 'The more ambivalent you are, the less you are able to communicate your emotions satisfactorily, and the more you are likely to be uncomfortable with your partner. Ambivalence of both partners is related to greater emotional distress and more sexual and relational difficulties in the couples.', said Nayla Avada, who is a doctoral candidate at the Universite de Montreal.

These are just some things that'll boost your performance in bed. Besides these, here are some foods that'll help you last longer in bed.

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