How to get rid of a clingy guy who wants to be your boyfriend

These tips will erase you from the clingy guy's memory forever. Try them out!

Some guys can be extremely clingy. No matter how many times you explain to them that you are not interested, they just don t leave you alone. They may be persistent because they think you are the perfect girl. Prove them wrong. Try out some of these tricks and you will be erased from their memory in no time.

Smell bad: The one thing that can disgust a guy is your foul smelling socks and shoes. Try wearing the stinky ones and see him run for his life. You can also wear an awful smelling perfume so that he does not even want to come near you. One more tip, eat garlic and try getting closer to him. You would be the last girl on the planet that he would want to kiss. A little foul play works.


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Pretend to be boring: Yes, you can pretend to be that boring lady no man wants to date. Tell him, you are not interested in sex and going forward you would want to become a nun. Just to let you know, I have used this once or twice, and it worked. Here are reasons why dating may scare you and other Indian women.


Be a drama queen: Even if you are the most chilled out girl on the planet, make him believe otherwise. Do all the drama. Tell him I have been dealing with my ex-boyfriend's mum. She hasn't paid for the clothes I bought for her from Dubai. I need the money for I have to pay my phone bills. I can't even handle life right now. I think I need tequila.

Misery queen

Introduce your father: If you want to scare him off, you can introduce your father or your brother in your conversation. Narrate stories of how your brother had once beaten up five stalkers at a time. Also, mentioning your father could scare him away. Tell him I told my dad about you. He wants to meet you before I go out with you.

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Be super clingy: If he is clingy, duplicate his act. Be super clingy. Snatch his phone and read all his messages. If he has gone to the washroom, call him up and ask for updates. Ping him every minute. Bother him even when he is in a meeting. This may seem like hard work, but it will last just a day. He will never call you back. If you are a single woman, never follow these dating tips.


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