Honest confessions of people who had an office romance

Think twice before you get into an office relationship.

Office romance can be a good thing but it can have terrible repercussions too. Casual dating scenes can turn into nightmares or spoil your equation with your co-worker. Some people even find their soul mates at their workplace. We asked a few men and women about their experiences while dating colleagues and here are their interesting stories:

It was the best affair ever. We had agreed upon casual dating and hooking up before coming to work and post it was awesome. Watching her dress up for me and the tricks she used for teasing were like perks for coming to work. We ve even tried kissing in the elevator, says Priyansh.

I hooked up with a colleague when we traveled out of town for a conference. Those three days were amazing and we enjoyed each other s company. On returning to office, he started giving me a cold shoulder. After a week, he announced his engagement with another colleague of ours. I was shocked and since then have never helped him with his tasks, says Vijaya. Read: 7 signs your colleague has a crush on you.

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What started as a round of healthy flirting finally culminated in a lifelong relationship? Of course, our office had a strict no relationship with colleagues policy and so we both had to quit our jobs when the management got the news of our affair. But we both didn t regret it and that was the point we were convinced that being together was what mattered the most, says Arundhati.

My office romance turned into a nightmare I have to live with till date. She was from another branch and we met at a sales meeting. Things clicked and it was a one night stand. She went back and informed the entire office about being in a serious relationship with me. Things got ugly and even parents were involved. I had no option but to marry her, says Vineet. Read: Reasons why healthy flirting may not be so healthy!

Office relationships are a strict no-no especially if you reveal it to your colleagues and friends. After the break-up, you end up losing a few friends because obviously some side with your partner and others are with you. I learnt my lesson and now stay miles apart from every girl in the office, says Varun.

Dating a colleague can get quite tricky. You don t want your other colleagues to know but your girlfriend wants all your attention at work. She gets jealous if you bond with a female co-worker and it just keeps getting worse. This situation is best avoided, says Kartik. Here are makeup tips for office how to make the perfect first impression.

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