Foods to improve your sperm quality

If you really want fast swimmers, then load up on oranges, yellow fruits and vegetables.

Sperm QualityThe most comprehensive study on sperm found out a host of things about those little things. The study found that smoking weed is bad and too much sun is bad for your sperm while alcohol or tight briefs which were previously believed to have problems aren't that big an issue.

However, if you really want fast swimmers, then load up on oranges, yellow fruits and vegetables. Researchers at Harvard University's School of Public Health found that eating vegetables may increase the production of healthy sperm. Carrots, lettuce and spinach are all high in beta-carotene which is an antixodant that improves sperm motility or the sperm's ability to swim by 6.5-8%. Lutein, a carotenoid or antioxidant also found in spinach and lettuce, had a similar effect on sperm motility, researchers said.

The participants with diets rich in lycopene, the chemical that gives tomatoes their red colour, had lower levels of abnormally shaped sperm. The study was published in the journal Fertility and Sterility.

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Some of other foods that can boost fertility:

Fresh fruits

Fruits are great thanks to the high levels of Vitamin C which ensures the potency and quality of your sperm. If you want to be a daddy, we would recommend at least two portions of fruits like lemon, sweet lime (mousambiin Hindi), oranges and mangoes. They're all rich packed with nutrients and antioxidants and won't hit your wallet as hard. (Also read: A bachelor's guide to eating healthy)


Garlic's health benefits are well-known but various studies have shown that it has aphrodisiac properties and also helps improve blood circulation. No wonder that Twilight fellow looked so peakish and pale! (Also read: 15 health benefits of garlic)


Rich in fatty acids, many kinds of fish can help you become fit and fertile and get your little ones swimming! Fish contains Essential Fatty Acids which helps improve circulation around the reproductive system and boosts sperm quality in the process! (Also read: Top foods for enhancing fertility)

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