Here is how vaginismus can be treated with botox

Vaginismus is a painful condition for women. © Shutterstock

Vaginismus accounts for approximately 1-7% of unconsummated marriages in today's world with little treatment innovation in this area.

Vaginismus is a sudden onset of involuntary gross spasm of the vaginal inlet controlled by the pubococcygeus muscle that happens due to any penetration be it from fingers to tampons to erect male shaft to a gynaecological examination. Vaginismus accounts for approximately 1-7% of unconsummated marriages in today's world with little treatment innovation in this area. Painful sexual disorder in women is an agonizing trauma that is never ending as she goes through the misery of inability of consummation of marriage. Approaching a third person becomes extremely difficult in this situation. Vaginismus and dyspareunia are two such disorders that young married women may come across.

Young women live in shame and remorse and go through very intense mental and physical endurance .Women, sometimes, present the same to their gynaecologists who treat the entity with dilatation and counselling. Only the mildest of cases in the grades of 1-2 could get some relief from the above.

The most refractory and difficult cases never had any treatments in the past. Self dilatation and psychosomatotherapy were used at times but without results. There are documented anecdotes of marital disparity, women undergoing vaginal incisions episiotomies and forced dilatations; all being wrought with failures.

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To establish the minimally invasive and complication free method of management of this refractory condition Botulinum toxin usage has found a novel therapy. Fourteen cases of refractory vaginismus underwent a minimally invasive approach to break the vicious cycle of gross unwanted vaginal contractions. All of them underwent Intravaginal Botulinum toxin injection under deep anesthesia that has relieved women from the vicious cycle of uncontrollable vaginal spasm and contractions to penetration.

As the FDA closed its trial on vaginismus early last year, these 14 cases of bygone misery in female painful sexual disorder became the epitome of hope towards breaking this refractory cycle of gross vaginal contractions by this innovative technique. This therapy in India has been started by Dr Sanjay Pandey, Consultant - Urology & Andrology, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in close association with Dr Pacik in the USA. The specific technique of the injection has been developed by Dr Sanjay Pandey towards minimal to no complications with good results. It keeps the vaginal muscles relaxed, thus allowing penetration and consummation. The span of activity lasts 6 to 7 months which is enough for couples to have the learned the behaviour of coital activity with relaxation and dilatation, away from the refractory state of yesteryear.

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