5 spots on her body every woman wishes her man knew about!

5 spots on her body every woman wishes her man knew about!

Here are some erogenous zones that can help you get your lady love in the mood.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : March 30, 2015 6:56 PM IST

Having sex can get monotonous, especially if you do not spend enough time getting your lady in the mood. While trying different sex positions can be one way to spice things up, there are other methods of foreplay you can try. One effective tip is to stimulate your woman's erogenous zones to get her in the mood and make her climax.

Erogenous zones are those areas on her body which when stimulated, leads to sexual arousal -- since these areas have heightened sensitivity.

Here are the not-so-obvious ones that you should try.

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Her neck

Most women love being kissed on their necks. You can plant some light kisses on the back of her neck, and continue exploring the entire area this way. Some women even like air being blown on their skin, before they are kissed. Nibbling, biting and licking too are some options you can consider if both of you enjoy it. You may also like to read: 5 sex-citing tips to spice up your life

Her inner thighs

You may not have known this, but inner thighs are a very soft and sensitive area with many nerve endings. Try and make it a point to arouse her by touching and caressing it, before you approach her genitalia and clitoris. You may also like to read: Female masturbation 10 steps to have an orgasm

Hair and scalp

A woman's scalp is an extremely sensitive region, despite what you might think. Slowly running your fingers through her hair, tugging at her hair gently as you kiss her nape will definitely get her in the mood. Apart from that, this region also helps to get rid of stress, so if she is too tired from her day gently kissing and massaging her scalp might be the answer to some much needed loving.

Her back

A lot of men have a fetish for this part, and women too love being touched and kissed here. Slowly run your fingertips over her back and follow it up with gentle kisses. Giving a nice back massage, after she returns from a hard day s work at office can help release her stress significantly and can be a great way to initiate sex. You may also like to read: How to give your woman an orgasm she ll never forget!

Her butt

A woman is most often very conscious of her derri re looks, so show it some appreciation by kissing it and caressing it and watch her melt with the heat of passion in your arms. While some women like to be lightly spanked, a firm squeez can set her in the mood. But before you venture into this territory, make sure you have her in the mood first and know that she likes the feeling. You may also like to read: 5 foreplay moves to give your woman better orgasm and ecstatic sex

Tip to remember:

Besides these spots, there are other erogenous zones too. So talking to your lady love about what she does and does not like is the key to having a steamy sexual relationship. Finally, do remember that most women love to feel desirable and loved, so show her some affection every now and then and watch your sex life heat up a notch.

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