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Everyday arguments married couples have

From who takes control of the remote to criticising each other's driving skills, there are many reasons why couples fight.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : December 22, 2016 6:04 PM IST

Marriages are made in heaven and so are thunder and lightning. Well, couples are made to argue and fight over things because life without disagreements is boring. Moreover, when two different people come together, there will be differences in opinion which eventually leads to arguments among the two. As long as these don t hamper the relation, little fights are perfectly alright. Here are some regular arguments every couple has besides who has control over the remote:

In-laws: Whether it s the man or the woman, both may be uncomfortable around in-laws. Just like he hates her mom coming over and planning sleep-overs with the daughter, she hates his mom when she comes for the annual inspection for the house and the way her son is treated. These are the 5 people who are ruining your marriage.

Work stress: Don t come home with work stress and if you do, take some time to calm down before you begin talking with your partner. But it s easier said than done. There are times when you are just so irritated that you don t want to hear a word from anyone not even your spouse. But do you know your partner can actually help you beat work stress? Hence, talk it out and relieve all your frustration.

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Children: If the child is excelling the father takes the credit while if he is naughty, the onus lies with the mother. This is just a small trailer. Couples argue about lack of sleep, changing diapers, feeding and what not in the case of toddlers. When children grow up there s constantly an argument about sharing responsibilities. This is again natural because every person has a different upbringing which they subconsciously carry when raising children. Just ensure you don t fight in front of your kids. Here s how your fights can be emotionally damaging for your kids.

Sex: Each one of you may have different expectations from sex. Your wife may be inspired by the movies and daily soaps and expects that kind of romance and you may be inspired by porn. This heated discussion is good because you are communicating openly about sex which is necessary in every relationship. You can try this simple exercise to read your partner s mind while having sex.

Household chores: There are endless reasons to fight over this topic. Right from running errands, cleaning the house and keeping things in place you both might have different standards of tidiness and organizing. Be fair, distribute responsibilities and fulfil them. Here are some tips to improve things between you two by just listening to your spouse.

Habits: You hate that he sleeps a lot and he dislikes that you are way too punctual. Just because you are in love doesn t mean you have to like each habit of your partner. Some habits are bearable and some outright annoying learn to take everything in stride. Complain, crib but don t let things get out of control ever.

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