5 essential dating tips for single moms

Dating as a single mom will present many challenges. Here's how to make sure you maintain a good balance.

For a single mother, the idea of dating and having a relationship can be quite intimidating. barring the sour experience of the past, it is mostly the thought of your children that can bring hesitation in reaching out and seeking companionship. Even after you get over that, you will have a hard time finding people understanding enough to date a single mom. However, it is not impossible and there are many single moms in relationships! So how do you reach out, start dating and keep everything in balance? Your boyfriend, your family and your personal space? Here are some tips to help you.

  • Be honest: From the go, be honest about your life. It is not to say that you need to discuss every private and intimate detail about your life. But telling the person that you are a single mom, how much time you need to spend with your child, how much time can you devote to the person and other such details need to be discussed.
  • Talk about yourself, not your child: When out on a date, or when speaking to the person you are dating, discuss things about the two of you, not your domestic issues or what your child is up to. Yes, you are a mother, but when you are trying to blossom a romantic relationship, discussing your child's school grades will not help.
  • Don't compromise your equation with your child: No matter how great your boyfriend is, remember that for you, your child is the priority. Moreso, if your relationship is still in the nascent stage. It sounds very demanding, but do not compromise on the time you spend with your child.
  • Don't have any expectations from the start: You, of all people, know that not all relationships are forever. So once you meet someone who 'feels right' do not jump the gun and start dreaming of happily ever after. Take it slow and let things unfold in their natural course.
  • Be confident about yourself: It takes a lot of effort to step out and start dating. Before you take the plunge, be confident about who you are and what place you are in. Do not be insecure or too needy. Make sure you are in a good place with your life and your child before you allow a man in your life.

Once you start dating, life will change. You will be stretched for time and will have to make sure you are present for this new person in your life. The right man will be understanding and supporting, and definitely worth the effort.

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