Vidyut Jammwal Shows How to Practise KalariSutra to Address Erectile Dysfunction

Learn KalariSutra from Vidyut Jammwal and put 'fun' back into dys-fun-ction.

Vidyut Jammwal has highlighted the need to talk more about sexual health & Erectile Dysfunction to eradicate the taboo surrounding it.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), sometimes referred to as impotence, is a condition in which a man finds it difficult to get or keep a penile erection firm enough for sex. It can cause stress, affect your self-confidence and can pose problems in a relationship. Sadly, sexual health is somewhat of a taboo subject in India and people are usually unwilling to talk openly about their sexual problem. This is the reason why most sexual health problems go unnoticed and untreated both among men and women. Because erectile dysfunction is seen as sexual incompetence rather than a medical disorder, men shy away from talking about it and seeking timely treatment. This has led to India becoming "the impotence capital of the world". How can we address this problem? Bollywood action star and martial artist Vidyut Jammwal feels that talking about sexual health more openly is necessary to eradicate the taboo surrounding it.

The actor, who is a fitness freak, took to Instagram on Tuesday to talk about sexual health and erectile dysfunction. "It's time we braved into the discussion about sexual health & Erectile Dysfunction. One in ten men can suffer from Erectile Dysfunction," Vidyut wrote in his post.

The 'Commando' actor also shared a set of exercises which he said, if practised daily, can help address erectile dysfunction. "Here's KalariSutra, a set of 19 exercises which if practised daily will help in rejuvenating your blood flow and bring sexual energy back into the pelvic region. Sexual health is a salient part of overall wellness and it should be talked about more openly so as to eradicate the taboo," the 40-year-old actor added.

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The actor also informed in his post that the full video of the workout video is available on his YouTube channel.

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Prevention

Erectile dysfunction can result from a number of factors such as medical conditions, psychological conditions, certain medical treatments, injuries and drug and alcohol use. While most cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by physical issues, sometimes a combination of physical and psychological issues can contribute to developing the condition.

Medical conditions that may cause erectile dysfunction include heart disease, clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis), high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis.

Tobacco use restricts blood flow to veins and arteries. Over time this can cause chronic health conditions that lead to erectile dysfunction. Medical treatments, such as prostate surgery or radiation treatment for cancer, are also risk factors for erectile dysfunction.

Stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions can also lead to or worsen erectile dysfunction.

If you have persistent trouble getting an erection or keeping an erection and experiencing reduced sexual desire, it's time to talk to a doctor, as these are erectile dysfunction symptoms. In some cases, treating the underlying condition can reverse erectile dysfunction. In other cases, medications or other direct treatments may be needed.

To prevent erectile dysfunction, one should make healthy lifestyle choices and manage any existing health conditions. Exercise regularly, stop smoking, limit or avoid alcohol, don't use illegal drugs, and try to reduce stress. If you have anxiety, depression or any other mental health concerns, get help.

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