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Sex tips for men: Things you can do if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction to get better in bed

Try these tips, men. They can help.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : November 2, 2018 9:20 PM IST

Suffering from erectile dysfunction can make it a bit frustrating for men as it might limit action in bed. But men, don't lose heart there are ways in which you can get over this condition and have a smooth sex life. Here are a few ways:

Take medications on time: This is your best weapon against ED. Viagra or the blue pill is prescribed for this very reason. They will help in smooth blood flow down there and make the erections stronger and last longer. So, if you are prescribed this pill follow your doctor's instruction on how and when to have it. They will help you get better in bed and improve your performance quotient and equation with your partner too. Here are other treatment options for erectile dysfunction.

Keep a tab on your heart health: In most middle-aged men erectile dysfunction is the secondary reason for a heart condition that has gone unnoticed for too long. If a man suffers from atherosclerosis (constriction of the arteries) it becomes difficult for blood to circulate via the narrow arteries. Remember constriction of arteries or blood vessels sets in throughout the body even though it starts with the arteries of the heart. So the small blood vessels and capillaries in the penis also become constricted and blood flow to the organ gets restricted, hence ED. So treating the heart condition or keeping a tab on your heart health can slower progression of ED and prevent its symptoms from getting worse. Here is how controlling high blood pressure can help treat ED.

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Eat foods that are rich in nitrate: Foods that are rich in nitrate are a great choice for people who suffer from ED. Nitrates in foods help to dilate the blood vessels and improve blood flow. This helps men who suffer from ED to get better erections and last longer in bed. The foods that are rich in nitrates are beetroots, carrots, watermelons and more. Here is how beetroots help to fight erectile dysfunction.

Engage in foreplay: Don't underestimate the power of foreplay. You don't indulge in it just to arouse your partner. At times, the way your partner reacts to your foreplay moves might just make you aroused in a way like no other. It stimulates your senses for the better and helps you get a better erection.

Take a hot water bath: Sometimes if you are dealing with a mild form of ED things like hot water bath or a hot bath in tub helps. A hot bath rejuvenates the senses and helps to boost blood circulation that can help to get better erections.

Try having red wine: Well, don't go overboard with it. Else it might just make up pass out in the bed rather than helping you get some action. Red wine when had in moderation can help to dilate the blood vessels and improve circulation. There are studies done too which states that having red wine in moderation can help in improving heart health and boost blood circulation.

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