Does your breast size increase when you're aroused?

Hear it from an expert sexologist whether a woman's boobs become bigger during sex or not.

There are many myths that exist surrounding the woman arousal during sex. And amongst the various signs that can prove that the woman is aroused, some absolutely untrue signs that people still believe like saying that a woman's vaginal opening increases in size when she is aroused should not be believed. Similarly, many people also think that a woman's boobs bulge when she is aroused while having sex. How true is this statement? We asked expert sexologist, Dr Rajan Bhonsle about this and he said, 'It is a myth that a woman's boob size increases or it appear bigger while the woman is aroused or even during sex. There could be a slight erection in the nipples but that too depends on person to person and their anatomy. This, however, shouldn't be used as a parameter to judge whether the woman is aroused or not.' He further explains that one shouldn't be confused between nipple erection and overall bulging of the boob size. There won't be any effects on the overall boob size and it a myth. However, the woman may exhibit other signs of arousal though like the moaning, lubricated vagina etc but nothing can guarantee that the woman is completely aroused as it completely depends on different women.

Why do nipples get erected when you are sexually aroused?

Usually, when a woman is aroused her nipples tend to erect or harden for some time. This happens when Oxytocin is released when the woman is excited and stimulation is caused by contraction of smooth muscle underneath the skin which in turn pulls on the overlying. This stays for quite some time as the constant stimulation helps the oxytocin to be released into the bloodstream continuously. However, it cannot last for very long and the nipples don't always get erected when the woman is sexually aroused. It can even happen in the cold environment or any other kind of excitement.

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