Does it hurt to lose your virginity (and what you can do about it)

Will first-time sex hurt? What happens when the hymen breaks? Will you bleed? Dr Rajan Bhonsle, sexologist, solves all your doubts.

Can you have sex immediately after your hymen breaks or ruptures, or should you wait a while because of the pain?

'There is no standard answer to this question because the hymen is not the same in every woman. Whether you should have sex soon after or a while later depends on the thickness of the hymen, the type of the wound and the time it might take to heal. All three factors will help you decide when you should have penetrative intercourse again. Moreover, it depends on your emotional state and the experience you have during the act,' says Dr Rajan Bhosale, Honorary Professor & HOD, Department of sexual medicine, KEM hospital & G.S.Medical College, Mumbai. Read this a step-by-step guide on how to have sex.

Before you know about the right time to have sex after losing virginity, here is what you should know about the hymen.

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  1. If your hymen is very thin, like a paper, it might break easily and not hurt you as much. Also, it doesn t cause much bleeding but few drops.
  2. If it is thick and tight, it might hurt when it breaks and might lead to bleeding (not like menstrual bleeding but more enough to stain your bed sheet).
  3. In some cases, the hymen is very thick and do not break during the course of the act. It accounts to around 1 3% of women and might require a hymenectomy, which is a surgery to perforate the hymen.
  4. Moreover, 10 15% of women don t have a hymen at birth so the question of breaking the hymen doesn t exist when they lose their virginity. Here are 6 things you ought to know about this female sex organ - Clitoris.

Here are few things you should keep in mind before having sex after your hymen breaks.

  • If it is hurting or bleeding, it is better to abstain from sex for few days or till the pain subsides.
  • Secondly, it is better to indulge in sex only after the wound heals which might take few days or even a month. If the wound is mild, it might take 3 4 days time for it to heal. If the wound is slightly severe, it might take a week or two for the wound to heal. However, if the wound is infected, it can even take a month s time to heal. In such cases, it is wise to consult a doctor rather than waiting for the wound to heal naturally.
  • Lastly, have sex only if you are emotionally ready for the act. In some cases, women find it difficult to recover from their experience if they have been badly hurt but others are ready to continue the act the very next day. Basically, it varies from a person to person and their emotional state and their experience. You may also like to read about 16 things all women should know about sex.

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