Cheesy relationship things every couple does but won’t accept

Don't accept it, but don't deny you've never done these corny things

Love makes you do crazy things and it s true. While we all cringe and mock at the typical cheesy things people do when in love, let s accept it, when in love, you end up doing almost all these things and then conveniently deny it to look cool. #Guiltyascharged here are a few corny things every couple whether in their teens or when 60 have done at least once:

Mushy names: Haven t you called your partner baby at least 50 times in few months? You may not call each other Babu, Shona but to have a nickname for each other is on the top list of relationships goals. What s yours? Honey bun, coochie poo, muffin or Janu?

Social media flaunting: If you haven t posted sugary messages on your Instagram or Facebook wall with your bae, you re lying. If not on a regular basis, birthday, anniversary or Valentine s Day wishes have already made you a part of that bandwagon.

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Celebrating milestones: The one month anniversary, an anniversary for when you kissed or made out the first time and then a long list of them. Well, you can sound cool with friends and say that you are not into all this, but come on, you ve certainly done that and not cringed so much while doing it. Read: 6 social media mistakes to avoid on Valentine s Day this year.

Baby talk: It s not just the girls who want to hear this, even guys love to be treated like a kid at times, or maybe all the time. So even if it is just during the initial stages of your relationship, you have engaged in baby talk for sure.

Handmade gifts: From handwritten love letters, to time capsules or messages in bottles, and even handmade cards, you have definitely exchanged such gifts and felt awwww at that moment. Don t deny that you have a few of them from your exes still kept in some hidden box or locker in your cupboard. Read: 6 gift ideas to show that you care.

The proposal: Haven t you seen couples sharing the going down on the knees and proposing pics and videos two days before the wedding too? The formal proposal is one of the corniest things couples do. And unlike the west, it s not a surprise. It s a staged proposal because after all how will everyone know what happened. And just tell us if you have hidden the ring in the champagne glass or cake or just tied a will you marry me around her dog s neck. We promise we won t cringe!

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