Can a woman get pregnant when she is already pregnant and more...

Want some of your most bizarre sex related questions answered? We tell you all you need to know!

Can you get pregnant when you are already pregnant? Can you have two babies, at the same time with different fathers? These are some qusetions we answer in this segment of our latest sound cloud podcast. But that's not all, we also talk about what women want and what men really desire.

In the third segment of our podcast we answer one of the most bizzare questions about getting pregnant twice... Yes! This is a real question we got. And we discuss if having sex with your fiance before marriage is a good idea. But what really makes this podcast a whopper, is a question we got from one of our listeners (thanks for writing in) about anal sex, and the fact that his wife was not interested in the act.

Sounds interesting doesn't it? Well, we answer all these questions in a fun and understandable way.

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Here's the podcast:

But that's not all. Next week we will talk to you about more interesting stuff, here's a quick peek.

  1. Farting during sex -- is it normal? How would you react?
  2. What women want -- What if a married woman has a crush on another man, what do you do?
  3. What men want -- Woman on woman action, why?

Loved it? Loathed it? let us know.

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