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Sex, especially oral sex can be a lot of fun. More so for women, as most of them have an orgasm with direct clitoral stimulation. This is where your skills at cunnilingus come in handy. Not only is it an art, but it can also make you the best she has ever had. Want to know how to blow her mind while you show some love to her down there? Here are some tips.

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Entice her: Getting her hot and bothered is key to have a great time between the sheets. And the same goes for cunnilingus. Kiss her lips, neck, suckle on her nipples and lick her belly, all the time making a slow, but sure bee-line towards her abdomen. Once you are there, lick the area just above where her genital lips start. Then proceed to lick, kiss and touch her inner thighs. Let her crave for you. Another great trick is to kiss her over her panties while her clitoris and vagina are aroused just underneath the surface. This will have a screaming for more. Here are a few intersting bedroom props you can use to intensify her pleasure.

Take it slow: Once you progress to remove her panties, make sure you are gentle. Her clitoris will not be fully aroused when you begin, so be soft and tender till you can feel it harden under your tongue. If you feel that, know that you are on the right track. This is because while she may be aroused, her clitoris may not be. So be gentle and start slow. A light lick from her vagina to her clitoris helps get things started. You may also like to read about the clitoral vibrator, that can be a great addition to your sexual romp.

Use your tongue: You tongue and lips are your greatest assets at this point. If used right, they can be tools for multiple orgasms. So use your tongue and lips to lick, penetrate and even suck on her clitoris, vagina, genital lips and around the area too.

Fingers are good but only as an addition: While you might think inserting your fingers into her vagina is a great idea and will speed up the process. You are quite wrong. Most women like the fingers inserted a little later, when they are at the brink of an orgasm. So use your tongue and keep at it. If you feel you are getting tired, switch positions or use your lips instead. You may also like to read, real women give you tips on how to give the perfect orgasm.

Relax your tongue: The soft wetness is great down there. That being said some women prefer the tip of the tongue as it feels harder. But see what she prefers, let her moans guide you.

The way you move your tongue matters: Essentially, you should start from the bottom of her vagina and then move up to her clitoris. You could also lick around her genital lips and vaginal opening.

Tip 1: A good tip is to start with light, repeated tapping with the tip of your tongue on the head of her clitoris. But make sure you are not overzealous and pull back on the clitoral hood as that can be too intense in the beginning.

Tip 2: Then you can start to move your tongue from side to side, up and down or in circular motions to see what she likes. Once you know, stick with it, as abrupt change the motion can ruin things, women usually need a sustained motion to climax.

Tip 3: You can also use the tip or the flat part of your tongue to stimulate her clitoris. Your tongue is also great to penetrate her vagina -- that only intensifies the pleasure. To do this, roll up your tongue into a tube-like structure and gently push it into her vagina. This is great as the roughness of your tongue can add to the pleasure when rubbed against the extremely sensitive vaginal walls. As you watch her get aroused, gently increase the intensity of the pressure and speed you use.

Tip 4: When things become intense, and she is sufficiently turned on or is on the brink of orgasming, it is a good idea to suck on her clitoris. Here's a technique you can use:

The suck and click

This is where you suck in her clitoris (along with the hood) and flick your tongue on her clitoris simultaneously. This can be an amazing sensation and can make a woman orgasm in minutes.

Hot enough? Use your hands:

No not for penetration! You can use it to touch her pubic mound (just where her genital lips start ) and hold them open, caress the area or gently place your hand there. You can also caress her breasts, tummy, and inner thighs too.

Try different positions: The positions you are in while performing cunnilingus can change the entire experience and how it feels. While her lying down with you between her legs is the most basic position (that does not mean it is not the most fun), there is the 69 position where her head is pointing towards your toes. This way she can give you a blow job too. Apart from that there is the side by side 69 where you both are not on top of each other but are lying on your sides. You may also like to read a guide to oral sex for women.

Another, more adventurous position is where she brings her genitals to your face, literally sitting on your chest but with her legs supporting her. And yet another variation is where the woman stands, and you are between her legs.

Tell her how much you are enjoying yourself: Most women are quite self-conscious when a man is between their legs. Am I okay down there? Does he like what he is doing? Am I grossing him out? These are just some of the worries women have. So make eye contact, tell her how much fun you are having and watch her get turned on like never before.

Listen to her: Moans are a great help, but in some cases a woman may not know what she is feeling so allow her the room to experience the entire sensation. If a woman chooses to substitute your licks with her hands don't get offended, she isn't saying you are doing a lousy job, she is just adding to the awesome sensations you are making her experience.

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