8 tips to develop more intimacy in your relationship

Here are some ways to develop more intimacy in your relationship.

developing intimacyBeing in a relationship can come with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You always have someone to go back to on a bad day, but there are days when that someone can make your day go bad. As time passes by, and couples feel that they have shared everything that they can share passion tends to fizzle out and the intimacy that they once shared naturally becomes difficult to regain. In this post, we'll give you 8 tips to develop more intimacy in your relationship.

1. Be a good listener

This can seem obvious, but a lot of people don't do this as well as they should. People have the tendency to believe that their theories and decisions are correct, and they try to force it upon their partner. Being a good listener will allow your partner to better express your sentiments and will allow you to see their point of view. If you think your partner is being stupid, then make sure you communicate it with tact and not anger.

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2. Help each other

Rather than just trying to improve your relationship, try to focus on improving each other as individuals. Inspire your partner to go to a gym every day and reward him/her when they achieve any goal that they had set. Also, if your partner has a shortcoming in life (he/she is too shy or can't stop being lazy) then you should have conversations to address it. Read more about what women want in the ideal partner.

3. Take breaks

There's a famous phrase that says, 'Distance makes the heart grow fonder.' If the tension in your relationship is reaching a boiling point then you should take a break from each other to cool things down. Your reasons for unhappiness would melt away with time, and there would be a new energy in your relationship when you resume contact.

4. Give each other gifts

You don't have to wait for your partner's birthday to give him/her a gift. Giving gifts without reason shows that you still care about your relationship and is an endearing gesture.

5. Cut down your expectations

More often than not we feel a little disturbed with our partner because they didn't meet the expectation that you had in your mind. It is important to remember that just because someone is your partner, doesn't mean that they should make an effort to read your mind all the time. People have a lot of responsibilities as individuals, and unless you communicate your expectations well, you shouldn't feel bad.

6. Get high on adrenaline

The feeling of falling in love or connecting to a person is nothing but a shared release of adrenalin into our systems. Doing adventurous things often will ensure that you and your partner continue to keep falling in love over and over again. Read about what happens to your brain when you are in love.

7. Maintain more eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is one of the instant remedies for developing more intimacy. Try to look into the eye of your partner as often as possible, and you'll see them express what's hidden deep down in their hearts.

8. Learn a new hobby together

If both of you need lessons on cooking or playing an instrument, then it is time you shared a class. Learning a hobby together will serve the dual purpose of developing more intimacy as well as make you improve as individuals. Another great idea will be to learn a new language together. In order to add some spice and stay inspired, don't be afraid to compete against each other while learning this new hobby.

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