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8 signs that the girl you like is using you

Are you her doormat or tissue?

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : December 14, 2017 10:20 AM IST

Who said only men are philanderers? There are enough instances of women being selfish in love relationships too. They emotionally manipulate you, or try other ways to influence you and get it done their way. These girls basically are just using you till they can find someone appropriate or they might not be looking for one. All they want is somebody to hang out with and have fun. If you have doubts about your girl, here are some surefire signs to confirm it:

  1. Do you feel lack of emotional investment from her side? Can you confidently say she ll stand with you through thick and thin or she s a friend who s just a call away? If not, then it s evident that she s just using you.
  2. Are you her boyfriend or boyfriend for now ? Is she in a relationship with you or just mentions that you both are seeing each other even though it s been over 3-4 months? Ever wondered why? May be she s using you till she finds her Mr Right.
  3. She gets upset if you cancel going to the movie or dinner because you are unwell. The first thing my girlfriend asked me when I told her I met with an accident was, what about the movie tickets? I was shocked. She clearly didn t care and was using me to take her around, says Varun. Read: Signs you are dating a gold digger.
  4. Is she always very cheerful and happy when you take her to fancy places or for shopping but is completely off or calls off the date if you ask her to meet you home or at the lake-side for chitchat? It s a clear indication that it s all about materialistic things.
  5. She ignores you if you are in a group or at a party where there are many prospects around. She is jovial and cheerful with the new people you introduce her to and doesn t bother to make you a part of those conversations.
  6. Whenever you try to part ways with her, she never pleads or cries. She lures you sexually and convinces you to stay. Read: 5 kinds of women you should never date!
  7. She takes interest in your male friends and asks you to invite them or invites her male or female friend when you both plan to go out (needless to say, you re paying the bill).
  8. They ll keep demanding attention and sympathy. She ll keep telling you how she is deprived of so many things at home, how all of her boyfriends have been misers and she s lost so much money on them or how she has to keep her desires unfulfilled to save up for something. Read: Signs you are in a relationship with an extremely selfish person.

If your girl shows even 2-3 signs out of the above, it s time you run. Invest your time with someone better.

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