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8 easy ways to boost sperm quality and count

8 easy ways to boost sperm quality and count
प्रजनोत्पादनाच्या प्रक्रियेत पुरूषांचे वीर्य महत्त्वाची भूमिका पार पाडते ,मात्र यासोबतच त्याचे अन्यदेखील फायदे आहेत. वीर्यातील 'स्पर्मिन' या संयुगात असलेल्या अ‍ॅन्टीऑक्सिडंट क्षमतेमुळे चेह‍र्‍यावरील सुरकुत्या कमी होण्यास मदत होते.

Did you know boosting sperm count could be as easy as exercising or eating right? Here are top 8 ways to keep infertility away

Written by Shraddha Rupavate |Updated : December 17, 2014 4:40 PM IST

The term 'healthy sperms' indicates that the sperms are abundant in number, with at least 15 million sperm cells present in one mililitre of semen sample (40 million/ejaculate), they have a normal shape and structure and they have their motility intact. If any one of these qualities in majority of your sperms is missing, they are unhealthy. If you have unhealthy sperms you could be impotent and infertile and your sex drive could be lowered. Since all these aspects are directly linked to male sexuality and can severely affect your sex life, you would definitely want to prevent deterioration of your sperm health. So, here are some key steps to boost your sperm quality and quantity.

Eat right: This has to be the first step if you want to keep your fertility intact. The effects of eating unhealthy junk food may not be evident right away but it's going to affect your reproductive system in the long run. This could be one of the reasons why more and more number of men are now suffering from erectile dysfunction and infertility. A simple, healthy diet rich in protein, fruits, vegetables and fibre can do wonders to your reproductive health. You could try these 7 inexpensive food items to boost your fertility.

Exercise: Your sperm quality is bound to degrade with age. But if you keep yourself active when you're young, you will not face too many problems in your sex life later. Being too thin and too fat, both have been linked to significantly low levels of testosterone, loss of interest in sex and poor erections. So, exercise well and lose some weight if needed. Remember, too much of exercising can also affect your fertility. So, keep it moderate.

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Reduce your alcohol intake: There is a lot of evidence suggesting that heavy alcohol consumption can cause infertility in men. According to a study, having more than one drink every day can lower secretion of testosterone, the male reproductive hormone required for healthy sperm production, and increased sex drive or libido. Another study showed that 5 units of alcohol can trigger changes in levels of reproductive hormones and degrade sperm quality in young men. Besides, alcohol can change also the structure of your sperms and make them immotile.

Cut on tobacco: If you smoke, you must quit for your sperm's sake. Cigarette smoke contains carcinogens like cadmium, lead and benzo-a-pyrene. Smoking one pack of cigarettes can significantly increase the level of cadmium in your semen, while lowering the zinc levels. Cadmium can damage the DNA of your sperms, killing them, reducing them in number.

Say no to recreational drugs: Recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine have been linked to the inability to perform sexually, leading to infertility. It can cause lowered seminal fluid production, lowered blood supply to the penis, poor sperm quality and lowered sperm count. So, it's better that you stay away from them. (Read: Do protein supplements affect sperm count? (Sex query of the day)

Don't stress: A healthy mind is the key to a healthy body. If you keep your mind occupied for tackling unnecessary stress, all the functions of your body will get affected and so will your sexual organs. A high level of stress hormones in the blood can lower sperm count, affect sperm production and also affect your sperm quality. (Here are10 yoga poses to beat premature ejaculation)

Have safe sex: Unsafe sex increases the chances of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and STDs directly affect sperm production motility. This is because the pathogens can enter the testis and affect spermatogenesis. Sometimes, the toxins released by these pathogens can directly affect the sperm DNA.

Minimise exposure to heat: Some studies have linked increased exposure to heat with lowered sperm count. So, if you're planning to become a father, make sure you stay away from hot bathtubs, hot showers and Jacuzzis for a while. Using them for a long time can obstruct your testicles and harm healthy sperms.

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