7 ways to make him miss you more when he is away

7 ways to make him miss you more when he is away

Don't whine and complain, try this instead

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : November 6, 2017 10:28 AM IST

If your boyfriend or partner is not expressing enough or not giving you too much time, don t whine and complain. Men get pushed away with this. Instead, play hard to get. That s what men desire for (Hint: Remember how he was all around you when you guys first met). Here are some ways to make him miss you like crazy:

End the conversation first: This is where most girls go wrong. They never end the conversation first. They always dedicate all their time to their partners and this is where he doesn t value you. When you are the one who ends the conversation, you automatically make him want more. Stay strong and say good bye first. He ll try to contact you shortly and will constantly keep doing that.

Be mysterious: Don t be all active on social media, don t tell him all your plans. Let him call you when you are out and then inform him that you have plans with friends or colleagues. He ll miss the attention and wonder why he isn t in the loop when you make plans. That s exactly when he ll start paying more attention towards you. Read: 5 things that keep men away from committing.

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Fragrance: Stick to a single scent when you meet him. That way, whenever he comes across that smell, he ll think of you and miss being close to you. Be rest assured, you ll receive a call from him or a text mentioning that he misses your fragrance.

Send a surprise gift: Send him a souvenir or in case he s a foodie, get his favourite food or breakfast delivered to him. This gesture is sure to melt his heart and remind him how much you care. Don t be surprised if he plans to meet you earlier than scheduled.

Send a GIF: And say nothing. Even better, go offline. Send a sexy GIF and don t message. He won t be able to control his emotions and the urge to get close to you. Here are 7 signs that your boyfriend isn t going to marry you.

Give him space: Don t set schedules, don t ask him when he ll call or don t keep texting him about his whereabouts. When he doesn t see all this, he ll want to connect because he obviously wants to be with you. Also, guys function better if they don t have to follow stringent schedules. They don t want mandatory calls and texts with the girlfriend. Remove that clause and they ll still text you all day like they did when they were trying to woo you.

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