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6 reasons why people with high IQ end up in failed love

6 reasons why people with high IQ end up in failed love
Why intelligent people find it difficult to love © Shutterstock

Why is it hard for intelligent people to find love? You get that here.

Written by Sreemoyee Chatterjee |Published : October 15, 2018 8:53 PM IST

It has been rightly said that men and women with higher IQs have a harder time to find their mates. If you are super smart, it is almost impossible for you to relate to those who do not belong to the same intelligence status. A research conducted by a Dutch psychologist echoes the same that love should happen among equals, even when it comes to weighing your brain. No point in looking down on your partner's IQ if you are an intellect snob. Before leaping onto something new, find out the reasons why intelligent people face a difficult time to get into relationship.

They think too much: They are the bunch who analyse everything, hence, they are detailed-oriented and look at every attribute of a person with an eagle's eye. So, you don't stand a chance to escape from their observation and if they have a doubt they chuck you straight.

Being independent is their comfort zone: They are more comfortable to be absolutely self-dependent, both physically and emotionally and they prefer giving utmost importance to their independent space. They will not prioritise your feelings above this space. They are happy with what they are, and they don't need you to complete them.

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Their goals come first: You beg, borrow, steal or die for them, they don't care when it comes to their own life goals. Nothing can move them from their targets and the steps they follow to achieve the same. Sometime falling in love is the back bencher in their lives while they are busy reaching their goals.

Understanding them, not so easy: Neither can you understand, nor can you persuade them so easily. Even if you try hardest, you might not be able to make them understand why they should trust you. Also, you must give them enough time to think about their major life calls. So, you better be patient and wait or else find out someone else.

They don't compromise: Intelligent minds have very high standard set for them and they don't and won't compromise and lower their standards for you. Might sound rude, but that s the truth. They believe it's better to avoid than looking down. You got to be really attractive to spin their heart round. They prefer to be alone than with someone whom they consider less attractive.

It's always the brain call for them: They never listen to their heart. For them, facts and logic work more than emotions. This coldness is unintentional but is the reason why they find it hard to get their forever one. Or probably, they hardly get any.

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