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5 unusual trigger points that can make a man experience utmost pleasure

Make some lifestyle changes and improve your performance in bed. © Shutterstock

Ladies, you might be having a great love making equation with your partner but it's time you should surprise him in bed!

Written by Sukriti Shahi |Published : November 10, 2019 6:05 PM IST

For women, everyone knows clitoris and G-spot spin a magic to arouse her, no one really knows what works for men. Most people think it easy for men to get orgasm as compared to women and while it may be true, there's no harm in spicing up the things a little. If your man is undemanding, you can definitely surprise him by playing with his trigger points that can be pretty amusing for your sex life!

Now we are no one to teach how to better your act and that's completely personal, we may give you some tips to make the pleasure last a little longer. Also, these usually work for everyone but in case you specifically know what does and doesn't work for your man, we suggest following your routine. If you think your man would appreciate your efforts, don't be shy to play with these pleasure or trigger points. So, here's what extra you can do in bed.

The front of his neck

Ever imagine if his Adam's apple could be an erogenous point? No, right? You might have kissed or caressed a little in between the act but try using it to turn him on. In ancient times, it was believed that thyroid gland (which is just below the Adam's apple) is linked to sex organs. Well, it might be true today as well. Just gently kiss and touch the front of his neck for the magic to begin.

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The sole of his feet, yes, it's a trigger point

If his feet don't smell and you think you can take a chance by tickling him a little there, go head. However, if you think he may not appreciate anything remotely touching his feet, think twice. The reason is that men have higher concentration of nerve in soles of their feet. Experts say that there is a point just in front of the arch (in the middle of the foot) pressing which can increase the blood flow to the body. It can get my all hot! So, starting with a food massage can be nice idea.

Lower lip is a sensitive trigger point for men

Lips in general are sensitive and it's not a rocket science for any couple to start their foreplay with kissing. However, take your time while kissing him and specially his lower lip. Nibbling and gentle pressure can work for him (and ultimately in your favour). That's the reason why nibbling and several pressure during kissing the lower lip can drive men crazy. We gave you the trick!

Caressing and pulling hair can do the bit

The reason is men have nerve ending in their scalp therefore when you play with it or pull it, it gets them all excited and crazy. Just like how you enjoy your man playing with your hair, he enjoys it too. A piece of advice: don't simply pull his hair, it may make him angry! The idea is to find the right time to do it, couple it with another act like while kissing or caressing each other. That helps in sending stimulation to the whole body. It's a simple trick but goes a long way.

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