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10 things that happen only in romantic movies

Written by Pavitra Sampath |Updated : September 25, 2014 5:46 PM IST

10 things that happen only in romantic moviesWe all love a good rom-com every once in a while, not to mention those mushy chick-flicks whose romantic scenes bring tears to our eyes. But there are a few things that those movies depict that just don't happen in real life. While we would like to believe that an absolutely delicious guy falls for a plain Jane, or a nerd can attract the attention of a hottie, or better still, an absolute misfit can actually transform into the hottest girl around, reality is a whole other story. So, to set the record straight, here are 5 things that happen only in romantic movies:

The first kiss has real fireworks

The guy leans towards the girl, and with passion flaring in his eyes, he slowly moves his lips towards hers and they kiss. As their lips touch, the night sky lights up with fireworks. While, the kiss itself might not be all that impossible, the odds of fireworks actually lighting up the sky as soon as your lips meet are pretty low to say the least. Now, while you may feel the fireworks within when you kiss the man of your dreams, there is rarely a time when there is a firework show just waiting to start as you kiss unless your first kiss is during Diwali!

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The guy controls the entire environment

Scenes in a rom-com often depict a guy asking a girl out on a date, which he plans to perfection. He either has the best seats in the house pre-booked or has managed to decorate the entire space with lights or flowers, with a personal butler at his disposal. There is a candle light dinner waiting for you as you enter with a glass of wine waiting to be drunk. Now ladies this really NEVER happens. A guy cannot control everything around him -- unless of course he is a multi-millionaire with his own personal weather prediction service. The weather, a busy restaurant and a multitude of other variables can all play spoilsport, leaving little chance of the right moment presenting itself at the exact time you both go out.

A rich guy falling for a poor woman

Another chick-flick favourite is the CEO of a multi-million dollar company falling for a prostitute, or an extremely rich heir apparent falling for the maid in his hotel. In reality we never see this kind of romance. While guys like that probably don't even notice the house help, a romance is far from possible.

There's always a happy ending

We all love the line 'happily ever after' and wish that it would actually happen in real life. This ending is so craved for that directors never venture into the dark domain of divorce, separation, cheating or even death at the end of a feel good romantic movie. Most of these movies will end with the lovers riding off into the sunset, living happily forever. However, what you really don't get to see are the fights, family feuds, the monetary crunch and kids; not to mention commitment and responsibility.

The guy stalks the girl till she falls for him

This is a Bollywood-special tactic that most directors use. It consists of a love struck guy (who is most often a street thug, an unemployed youth or someone whose life is basically going nowhere) following and stalking a girl he fancies. This stalkerish behaviour extends to crazy proportions; so much so, that the guy knows where she lives, where she works or studies and even rides the same public transport she does in order to 'make her fall in love with him'. Now ladies, this is not acceptable behaviour no matter how good looking, charming or attractive the guy might be. And trust us when we say, a guy who stalks you should be put behind bars and not be made the love of your life!

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