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World Population Day 2017: 7 off-beat ways you can help control population

No. 4 will leave you ROFL!

Written by Shaloo Tiwari |Updated : July 11, 2017 10:44 AM IST

The population is hands down one of the biggest problems across the globe, especially in developing nations like India. Even after hundreds of creative ads stressing about the ill- effects of population, people don't understand. So today on World Population Day, we have a few, "off-beat" ways you can control population:

1. Leave pubs/hook-up parties at 8: many go to hook-up parties and bars etc. to find a partner. If you happen to find yourself there, RUN! You don't want to find a partner and have sex. You'll contribute to the country's population rate BIG TIME.

2. Look unattractive: Wear the shabbiest clothes you have. Do not take a bath for days and look as unattractive as possible. You'll surely repel your partner and that way you won't make babies and help the country in decreasing population.

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3. Watch a movie with kids all around: You'll realise why you don't need more babies in the world when you see them annoy and cry.

4. Watch someone clean their kids' potty: You will immediately give up the idea of having babies and cleaning up their shit.

5. Check out the school expenses: Go to a school and ask for their brochure or just ask any of your peers with kids about the school expenses. You'll never want to spend that much money. Hence you'll skip the idea of having children and help the population problem of the country.

6. Become a 'Sadhu' or 'Sadhvi': Yes! It is an excellent way to earn money plus you are not allowed to have sex. You won't believe how much of a favour you'll do to the country's population rate.

7. Run away to the Himalayas: Done with the daily stress and facing people every day? Just head towards the Himalayas and live a 'brahmacharya' life. Seek for peace, meditate all your life. You owe that to your country.

Okay enough! You know we are kidding, but the facts ARE NOT! Soon India will leave China behind in terms of population. So many mouths to feed and so less food. The root cause of almost all the problems in the world is 'population'. Active participation of each one of us is vital in this case. There is so much information about the problems caused by population; it is time to stop talking and start acting. You may want to know methods of contraception and also impact of overpopulation on health in India

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