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Why pregnant women should avoid having wheatgrass juice

If you think wheatgrass juice during pregnancy is a healthy beverage, you need to give it a second thought. Read to know why.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : March 26, 2015 2:32 PM IST

Your diet during pregnancy (including healthy beverages) is of utmost importance. However, during pregnancy, some of the healthiest stuff that you might have otherwise consumed before could pose to be harmful, both for you and your baby. Wheatgrass juice is one such beverage which is a bit controversial for consumption during pregnancy.

Is wheatgrass juice safe for pregnant women?

In the general scenario, wheatgrass juice is considered to be a storehouse of rich antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. It is also believed to be a blood purifier enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. At the onset, it looks that wheatgrass juice is an ideal health drink that can promise the expectant mother with all these benefits. However, experts believe that it might have some extreme consequences on the health of pregnant women and that of the baby. Here are other eight drinks that should be avoided during pregnancy.

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Why should one avoid having wheatgrass juice during pregnancy?

Even with some concern expressed over consumption of wheatgrass juice during pregnancy it is believed that women who had been regular with its consumption might not face any damages if the practice is continued, consuming in small amounts. However, it is wise to first talk to the gynecologist and a dietitian to get a reality-check. If you have never had wheatgrass, juice before it is best to avoid the same now. Here are a few reasons why:

To avoid chances of infection: Wheatgrass is harvested from young wheat plant which is then made into a powder to be had with water in form of juice. This is the reason why the American Cancer Society advises pregnant women to avoid wheatgrass juice since the risk of bacterial and mould contamination might be high. In other words, this could increase the risk of an infection that could be fatal to the mother and the growing baby.

To avoid nutrient imbalances: Since wheatgrass juice also has a purgative effect, this could lead to diarrhea or vomiting in the pregnant woman that could lead to loss of vital nutrients from the body. Low mineral and vitamin content in the body during pregnancy would mean compromised growth and health of the baby. However, coconut water during pregnancy is considered healthy and here is why you should sip on it.

To avoid potential risk of miscarriage: Since wheatgrass juice has a detoxifying effect on the body, some studies also suggest that this cleansing effect may also result in a miscarriage or cause an impairment in the baby, says sports nutritionist and dietitian Deepshikha Agarwal, Mumbai. Here are few reasons why eating sprouts during pregnancy is healthy.

Some experts also believe that if wheatgrass is grown under strict hygiene conditions it can stand to be beneficial for both the mother and the baby, when taken in small does. For the proponents, the risks associated with the juice far outweigh its benefits. However it is best to check with your doctor beforehand to be on the safer side during your pregnancy and avoid complications due to its consumption.

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