Why is it important to fart or pass gas after a c-section?

In fact, passing gas is important for your recovery.

The most awkward question I was ever asked in the hospital, the morning after my c-section surgery was, 'Did you pass gas?' As awkward as it sounded I didn't even know how to respond to this question. Never in my life had anyone asked me if I had passed gas and I thought it was outrageous to talk about farting. Since I couldn't answer the question the doctors left hurriedly (as they were on rounds) advising me to be vigilant and inform them if I was able to pass gas when they came for their next round. Here are four things you should keep in mind before choosing to go for an elective c-section.

This made me puzzled. Why was passing gas such an important question for them. I knew I would not get the answer to this question on my own, given that I was still coming out from the spell of the anaesthesia and had no resources around to do some research. So I asked about it to the lady attendant who came in to give me a painkiller injection through the IV to soothe my pains. Here are 10 questions to ask your doctor before a planned c-section.

Why it is important to pass gas after the surgery

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She then explained that during the surgery a spinal anaesthesia is given to numb the body waist below and perform the surgery. This makes all the internal organs along with the bowels go into a sleep state. Sometimes air gets trapped in the stomach under the influence of analgesic medicines. When the doctors sew up the incision after taking the baby out a little bit of air gets trapped inside the abdomen. The painkiller medications given through IV can also lead to gas formation. This is why it is important for the doctors and the healthcare staff to know if you have passed gas after the surgery while you are recovering from the effects of anaesthesia. Here are five things you need to take care of to ensure faster recovery after a c-section.

Passing gas means your body has started to work like before and the effects of anaesthesia are wearing down. Remember if you don't pass gas you might not be allowed to eat anything after the surgery. However, you will be allowed to have liquids like juices and soups after the surgery. Passing gas is an important parameter of recovery.

How to pass gas after a c-section?

In a normal scenario, this should happen on its own. If it doesn't happen then try to walk around a little with help of the nursing staff or an attendant. Walking will give a jolt to your organs and probably help the trapped air to pass out soon. Drink a glass of warm water or tea to give your bowels a kick-start. If still, you are not able to pass gas inform about it to your doctor or nursing staff, chances are they might give you a suppository to clear your bowels. In any case, do not put a pressure on the abdomen to release gas, ask for help instead.

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