When is it safest to travel during pregnancy?

Yes, there is a safe period to travel during pregnancy. Only if your doctor gives you the permission.

During pregnancy, you should take extra care while travelling, whether it is your daily commute or a walk in the park or long distance. Travel stress can make your fatigued and the fetus stressed. Long distance travel could also be fatal if it goes awry. Most doctors will advise you to not travel long distance during the first trimester or the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. However, once you cross your first trimester and have plans to travel long distance the best time to do so is your second trimester, from the fourth to the seventh month of pregnancy. Still, we suggest that you don t make hasty decisions or plan a rough trip during this period. You should take good care that your trip is a pleasant one and is less stressful. Here are safety tips for pregnant women travelling long distance by car.

But before you go out on a trip make sure you discuss it with your doctor. Here are few reasons why your second trimester is the best time to travel:

  • Since your baby s major organs have already developed during the first trimester there are lesser chances of a miscarriage at this time.
  • Your morning sickness and nausea symptoms might have also settled and so you will feel less sick on roads or during an air travel. Here are five simple ways to tackle morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • After the initial fatigue and weakness phase, you will be gaining your energy bit-by-bit now which will help you to travel being at ease.
  • You might have already taken the necessary vaccinations needed during pregnancy and you are guarded against infections. However, while travelling long distances, be sure to maintain good hygiene like eating from a hygienic place, washing hands before and after meals etc., because your immunity is still low and you could catch an infection anytime.
  • Once you cross your second trimester it might be difficult to travel as after the seventh month the chances of a premature delivery increase exponentially.

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(Inputs are taken from the book Garbhasanskar by Dr Vikram Shah and Dr Geetanjali Shah)

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