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Week by week pregnancy guide: Week 8 of your pregnancy

Your baby starts to look more humane-like from week 8 onwards and have distinct facial features now.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : December 14, 2014 4:34 PM IST

smiling womanBy the end of this week you would have missed two periods at a stretch which is enough of confirmation that you are well ahead in your pregnancy. Also you might have your first medical file in place and have gone through the scan images of your first ultrasound a 1000 times trying to make sense of those black and white patches. Don't worry; soon you'll be able to see a more human-like picture in you the succeeding scans.

On the other hand, week 8 can be devastating for those who didn't want to have a baby, after missing two periods, you know a baby is on its way. Here are some things that happen in week 8:

Changes that happen in your body

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The uterus is now bulging out and your baby is growing at the rate of 1mm a day! Even though there won't be too many signs of pregnancy physically, you shouldn't put off visiting a maternity shop for too long because your pre-pregnancy dresses are going to get a little tight around the tummy. Also you'll need to buy a pair or two of maternity bras because your breasts that are gearing up for the breastfeeding phase post delivery and can start to leak now (although this doesn't happen to everyone).

Read to know about the other exciting things you can do during your first trimester of your pregnancy.

However, due to hormonal surges in the body your pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, fatigue, constipation and backache can be at its worse that can be a killjoy . The best way to deal with it is to take proper care of your health. Also, make sure you're always near a restroom because your bulging uterus will often put a lot pressure on your bladder.

Development of your baby

The facial features of your baby become more distinct this week while the hands and feet also grow in length and separates from the body. The nose is more distinct, eyelids and lips are more visible, and the ears are growing, both internally and externally now. The jaw line is now developed and the teeth are in place. A closer look will also allow you to count the twenty fingers present in the webbed palms and feet of your baby. Your baby would be losing the embryonic-tail like structure by the end of this week and look more humane.

All the incidents mentioned above means that your baby has grown enough to become a fetus from an embryo now, that it was during the previous weeks. The vital organs that had taken shape the previous week are now growing and functioning well and the sexual organs also start to develop. The skeletal system also begins to harden and become more defined while the important joints in the body like the wrists, elbows and other joints of the body start to take shape. However, even with all these crucial developments, your baby still measures about 25mm (2.5cm) and weight around 2.5 to 3gm.

What you should be doing

  • Try to have your meals on time to avoid overeating and reduce the incidences of heartburn. Also read tips to deal with heartburn during pregnancy.
  • To tackle morning sickness stay off your triggers, which you will have figured out by now. Also read tips on how to deal with morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • Fatigue can take a toll on you at this stage. Take adequate rest and sleep well to give yourself energised and refreshed.

If you wish to know what happened to your body while you reached week 8 of your pregnancy, then read:

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