Week by Week Pregnancy Guide – Week 35 of your pregnancy

Frequent urination and sleepless nights continues while your baby keeps on putting weight and taking the labour-ready position for the D-day.

The last few weeks of your pregnancy might be quite similar to one another with overlapping symptoms. However, you might be overwhelmed with anxiety during this time thinking about labour and its consequences. Remember, fretting about labour will not help. Instead, read more on managing labour pain and pain management options for labour to be informed about the same.

Here is what happens to your body during this week:

Frequent urination: As your baby takes the heads-down position, your chest, ribs and lungs might feel a bit relaxed. However, as your baby s head presses on the pelvic area, the uterus presses on the bladder, which increases the urge for urination. This could be very annoying and tiresome at this point in time. But there is no running away from it. In case your baby has not turned into the heads-down position try these six ways to help your child take the position soon.

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Fatigue: Excessive weight gain, bulging belly, increased fetal movements can make you fatigued during these last weeks of your pregnancy. Rest and sleep is the best way to combat this symptom. Here are few ways to tackle the most common pregnancy symptoms.

Bulging belly: Your belly is still extending and stretching itself outward, as your baby keeps on putting on more weight and increases in length. Now your uterus is about six inches above your belly button, which would be very sensitive to touch.

Sleepless nights: Since there is a lot happening to your body at this point in time, it might be difficult to lie down and sleep comfortably. However rest at this stage is crucial, so try taking short naps throughout the day to refresh yourself. Here are few ways in which you can sleep well during pregnancy.

Apart from these, you might also suffer from edema, lower abdominal pains, constipation hemorrhoids, leaky breasts, vaginal discharge and other problems.

Development of your baby

Here is what happens to your baby this week:

Your baby gains weight: Weight gain is in full swing during the last few weeks of your pregnancy. In fact your baby s fat percentage is now 15 and will double up till it s time for labour.

Your baby gets rid of lanugo: The lanugo or the thin film of hair that covered your baby s body to keep your little one warm is finally shedding as fat accumulation in the body takes over the function of temperature control. However, now your baby has a thin film of hair called vellus.

You baby s brain develops: The number of neurons increase and the brain grows but the skull remains soft and flexible to initiate a natural birth during labour.

Your baby s system excretes waste: Your baby s liver and kidneys are fully mature and functioning on their own excreting waste. You might feel more fetal kicks now as there is less space for your baby to move around.

This week your baby might weigh up to 2.5 kg and measure 500 mm from crown-to-rump.

What you should do:

  • Practise Kegel exercises. This will help you counter urinary incontinence that is common during the last weeks of pregnancy and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

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