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Week by Week Pregnancy Guide – Week 34 of your pregnancy

While you are counting days to your labour, heartburn and blurry vision can trouble you this week. Your baby is hale and hearty readying for labour.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : December 14, 2014 5:37 PM IST

This week will be more or less similar to your previous week and your discomforts might just increase. Remember, as you approach your due date, there is little respite from these nagging pregnancy symptoms. However, the good news is that these are not going to be with you forever, all this will be over in a few weeks.

Here is what happens to you during this week:

Heartburn: By now, if your baby has settled into the heads-down position your chest and lungs will be relieved of some pressure. But it still doesn t mean that the digestive system won t be sluggish like before. In fact, heartburn can be a bit severe during this week and continue to be so till your labour. Here are few ways to tackle heartburn during pregnancy.

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Blurry vision: Many women complain of blurry vision during this time due to the hormonal changes happening inside the body. However, this vision problem is temporary and will settle post delivery without much trouble.

Bulging belly:Your belly might have stretched to its maximum by now. In fact, it would be just five and half inches above your belly button. Even if your baby has settled in the labour-ready position, there is a possibility that your uterus would be stretching out more as your baby would keep on increasing in size till it s time for labour.

Edema: Along with the bulging belly you might also notice that your hands and feet swell due to water retention and increased blood flow within the body. One way to combat edema during pregnancy is to drink enough water to flush out toxins. Here are few tips to deal with edema during pregnancy.

Apart from these, other symptoms like leaky breasts, vaginal discharge, constipation, backache and fatigue could also bother you during this week.

Development of your baby

Here is what happens to your baby during this week:

Your baby looks more human-like: Now that more fat is being added under the skin of your baby, the facial features become more distinct and prominent.

Your baby keeps putting on weight: Weight gain of the fetus is crucial during these last weeks of pregnancy. A steady weight gain will ensure that your baby is growing right, which indicates that you are approaching your labour without much trouble.

Your baby s crucial organs are developed and functioning:All your baby s crucial organs are developed and are functioning on their own now, except the lungs. The lungs become fully functional when your baby is delivered and breathes in a gush of fresh air.

Your baby s finger and toe nails are growing: Your baby s finger and toe tails, that have been developing for the past few weeks, have now reached the tip and would need to be trimmedafter delivery.

What you should do:

  • Since you are just few weeks away from labour, be regular with your visits to the doctor and pay attention to your diet and fitness. Keep exercising or at least walk a few miles so that you can beat pregnancy-induced fatigue, boost blood circulation and aid fetal development. Here are few exercises that can boost blood circulation during pregnancy.
  • During the last few weeks of your pregnancy you might have to do some tests like Group B strep bacteria culture to check for vaginal infections. This is important as infections in the vagina could pass to the baby during the birthing process. Timely treatment is the key here. Know about the other tests you need to do during the third trimester.
  • Eat six meals a day so that you can combat heartburn and acidity which is more prevalent now.

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