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Week by week pregnancy guide – Week 19 of your pregnancy

Your baby's scalp produces hair while your face might have outbreaks that isn't very appealing to you. Know more about the developments that happen this week.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : December 14, 2014 5:11 PM IST

pregnacny week 19

While you feel more confident about your pregnancy and get better in dealing with your pregnancy woes, other problems now show up on your face. This week, acne, flaky skin and pigmentation can start to vie for your attention.

Changes that happen to your body

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Your face looks different: With all those hormonal changes and increased blood flow in your body, your skin looks a little darker, it becomes dry and flaky, your lips might get chapped and acne can now show up with vengeance. Do not try to self treat or fret about it now, as these symptoms will only leave you after you have delivered. Never try OTC products to treat acne as they can cause harm to your growing baby. Since pregnancy treats everyone differently many women might see a glow in their face as opposed to the darkening tone due to the increased blood volume in the vessels that run beneath the skin. Know how to deal with pregnancy induced acne and treat them.

You suffer from lower abdominal pains: As your uterus grows and bulges out, it continues to put a pressure on the ligaments that surround and support it leading to lower abdominal pains. These pains might be more prominent while you try to stand after sitting for too long or vice versa. This is a harmless symptom, but if the pain becomes unbearable it is wise to check with your doctor on the same.

You have to deal with leg cramps: Leg cramps can be a new symptom that shows up sometime during this week and stays with you till the end of your third trimester. Though there isn't a particular explanation for why it happens, but plausible theories suggest that the bulging uterus that now exerts pressure on the sciatica nerve (a nerve that runs through the entire length of the legs) can be a probable cause.

Your legs start to swell: Edema or swelling of the feet and ankles during the second trimester is very common. This is a harmless condition that happens due to water retention in the body. Make sure you don't stand for long hours or walk around too much. This will make your feet and ankles swell. If your work needs you to sit for long hours, remember to rest often or use a stool to prop up your feet. At night place pillows beneath your legs to keep your feet elevated and avoid fluid retention. Know about other ways of dealing with edema.

Your feel hungry: Sometime during the second trimester your hunger pangs can get the better of you and cravings are inevitable. This is because with your baby growing within you, your nutritional needs increase manifold. Make sure whatever you eat is healthy and not junk. Eating without giving the food a thought can lead to excessive weight gain and cause pregnancy induced complications that can come in the way of a smooth labour and childbirth. Also read common mistakes women make during pregnancy.

Also the other symptoms of pregnancy like constipation, heartburn, nausea, dizziness and headaches can surface once in a while during the course of your pregnancy and remain suppressed at other times. The best way to deal with the same is to eat a balanced diet and keep oneself hydrated. Most of the common pregnancy niggles can be taken care of with just these two simple measures.

Development of your baby

Here's what is happening inside your womb this week:

Your baby's skeletal system continues to grow: With every passing day your baby's bones and the entire skeletal structure is growing stronger. Now that your baby has also grown in size her limbs are more proportionate to the entire body and the movements are much more coordinated and developed. All those somersaults, kicking and other movements can give your tummy a tingling kind of feeling now. If you are lucky you can feel them well. But if you don't, remember you are not alone, some mothers feel their baby's kicks and movements only after the 22nd week of pregnancy.

Your baby's senses are still developing: Now the brain has started to work on the areas that would be controlling the five senses of your baby. So touching your belly, talking to your baby-bump, reading to your baby will have a positive effect on the mother-baby bonding now. In fact these little activities will help your baby to sharpen her senses too. Also read about the benefits of talking to your baby-bump.

Your baby gets a protective coating called the vernix: This week onwards your baby's skin is going to be covered with a greasy white substance that is made up of dead cells, oils secreted from the oil glands of your baby and the lanugo. This covering is called the vernix and will save your baby from the amniotic fluid around. Without this covering your baby's skin might become wrinkled staying surrounded in the fluid for that long.

Your baby's scalp produces hair: The most recent development that happens this week is that your baby's little scalp starts to produce her own hair.

Vital stats: This week your baby measures 154 mm from crown-to-rump and weighs approximately 240 gm, though this can vary from one to the other.

What you should be doing

  • Your time to plan for a babymoon is running out soon so start packing your bag and go for one last vacation as a couple.
  • There would be a series of tests to be done during this phase -- blood tests, sonographies and marker tests. These tests would be indicative of your health and that of your baby. They can also predict any underlying condition that could pose to be a problem during labour. Know about the second trimester tests and their importance.
  • Apply moisturizer on your belly, breast and buttocks as stretch marks can start showing up now and do it at least twice a day. Keep yourself adequately hydrated and maintain a slow and steady weight gain to keep stretch marks at bay naturally.
  • Ensure variety on your plate. Eat more green vegetables, legumes, pulses and variety of there fresh produce to incorporate food from all food groups.
  • Make sure that you get enough rest and sleep well throughout your pregnancy to recover from pregnancy induced fatigue.

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