Week by week pregnancy guide: Week 16 of your pregnancy

Week by week pregnancy guide: Week 16 of your pregnancy

Your baby's development is at its peak and the neck movements are now more synchronized. Now you start showing the baby bump too. Read more about this weeks developments.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : December 14, 2014 5:01 PM IST

Week 17 of your pregnancy

Not much has changed in your life from what you have experienced the week before. But this week is an important week for you in terms of medical tests and diagnosis. You might be due for your blood tests and a sonography. Know more about the tests that you need to be doing during the second trimester.

Changes that happen to your body

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Weight gain is in full swing this week onwards and you might have gained anywhere between two to five kilos. Your baby-bump is now finally showing. With the bulging belly, back pain can get aggravated if you don't work on correcting your posture and strengthening your back and lower abdominal muscles.

Lower abdominal pain due to the stretching of the uterus can still bother you and so can the acne and other problems that now show up on your face. Nosebleed can happen due to the excessive blood circulation in the systems and you can also bleed from your gums. Make sure you pay a visit to your dentist if there are any oral troubles that are bothering you. Remember infections in the gums or the oral cavity can lead to premature delivery or other health crises in the mother. If you haven't visited your dentist yet, do it soon.

Another major change that would happen to your body this week is that the milk glands in your breast starts production and the veins might also be visible. Though, this is not the same with all women. Apart from this there isn't much to worry about till you get the test reports.

Development of your baby

With the developing facial features your baby's expressions are more developed now. The eyebrows are filled with thin film of hair and the eyelids have started to open and close. With the skeletal development being on its peak your baby's backbone and the muscles around it get stronger allowing your baby to stretch more. The bones and muscles in the neck area are now stronger and helps in neck movements which is now controlled and synchronized with the brain impulses.

Week 16 onwards your baby's movements are more prominent and many women start feeling the same. Yes you can now feel the movements though they won't be as strong as the kicks that you will feel a little later.

Your baby is also developing a thin layer of fat underneath the skin which will act like an insulator to keep your baby warm. Your baby would also be playing with her first toy -- the umbilical cord. Surprised? Well she will pull, stretch and hold it while passing all her time inside the womb. But don't worry neither will it hurt you or her.

Regarding the functioning of the organs your baby is now breathing in air and also pumping blood in the systems. The kidneys are also producing urine and the genitals of your baby by this time are well formed. A sonography at this time can help you see a more human-like fetus. Know why an anomaly scan during the second trimester is important for your baby.

What you should be doing

  • In case you have any dental problem, this is the right time to get it checked or go for a dental clean up. Remember periodontal disease can affect fetal well-being too. So be sure that you book an appointment with your dentist soon. Also read about the dos and don'ts during pregnancy.
  • Don't treat your acne or facial outbreaks with over the counter medications now, consult your doctor if it is bothering you too much. Studies have shown that use of acne creams during pregnancy can adversely harm the fetus. Also read how to tackle acne during pregnancy.
  • Steal some time out and plan a babymoon now. Be sure to inform your doctor about the same and take requisite precautions for the travel.
  • Keep yourself clean and wash your hands before and after eating your meals to maintain hygiene levels. An infection during pregnancy is the last thing you would want.
  • Keep yourself well moisturised to avoid stretch marks in the belly, buttocks and breasts.
  • Apart from this, eat right, exercise and sleep adequately to ensure a smooth sailing pregnancy.

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