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Week by week pregnancy guide: Week 15 of your pregnancy

Of the other things your baby's senses are developing now and weigh gain is also rampant. Read to know more about this week's development.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : December 14, 2014 4:58 PM IST

Week 15 of your pregnancy

Finally you are able to relax and enjoy your pregnancy now with some of the worst pregnancy symptoms being left behind. Though there are other troubles that can now haunt you, but with your soaring energy levels, things seem to be much more manageable.

Changes that happen to your body

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Though there isn't any significant change in terms of your physical appearance from what you looked like the week before, but you might have gained a few kilos by now and probably started to feel a little heavier than usual.

You might also start to feel hungry and may crave for some type of specific foods now. Your face can also undergo certain changes. Either you will see a glow on your skin due to the increased blood circulation in the body or you might see a film of pigmentation called 'pregnancy mask' which can bother you. Acne and dark circles can also be among the other woeful occurrences that can invade your otherwise clean and spotless face.

Make sure you pay a visit to your dentist soon to fix any oral problems you have. The second trimester is the only time you can do that. Bleeding and swollen gums are common during pregnancy and so are infections in the oral cavity. Beware! Infections in the oral cavity can also lead to premature labour or preeclampsia in the mother.

You may also bleed from your nose during this time, but don't worry about it too much. This happens because of the excessive blood flow in your systems now. This symptom will be taken care of on its own.

Developments of your baby

Like you, even your baby is gaining weight and is facing a rapid growth and development phase. The facial features are still developing and your baby is looking more humane like now. The skeletal structure is also growing stronger and the limbs are now moving in tandem. This week your baby's legs and hands have grown in proportion to the entire body and the joints are more flexible and moveable now.

Your baby's senses are also developing this week onwards. You can now gently pat your belly and talk to your baby. Your baby would also be sensitive to light now. You can shine a light or a torch on your belly and your baby will definitely move away. You have to be really tuned with your body to sense the movement now, as it won't be that prominent.

Your baby is busy doing somersaults, stretching, moving limbs and also taking in loads of amniotic fluids inside through the nostrils (and also the mouth). Don't worry about the liquid intake; this is normal for the fetus inside the womb. This practice helps to develop the lungs and the air sacks within.

In the mouth, the taste buds are developing now. Apart from that other organs are just growing fine like it had been the week before. This week your baby might be weighing around 40 to 50 gm and would be measuring 101 mm from crown-to-rump.

What you should be doing

  • Take good care of your oral health. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth twice daily to avoid dental problems. Also read about the dos and don'ts during pregnancy.
  • If you wish to go for a babymoon this is the right time for it. However, check with your healthcare expert to know if you are fit for travelling and the required precautions that needs to be taken.
  • Wash your hands before and after eating your meals to maintain high levels of hygiene. During pregnancy it is quite possible to get an infection due to the suppressed immune system.
  • Make sure that you apply moisturizer on your belly, breast and buttocks as stretch marks can start to show up from now on. A slower weight gain and keeping oneself hydrated enough can help face this problem better.
  • Two things that you should practise diligently during pregnancy is -- to eat right and cut back on vices. This will ensure proper nourishment and nutrient intake for you baby.
  • To combat pregnancy induced cravings opt for healthy snacking options. If yo are graving for sweet turn to fruits instead and if its the tangy taste that you are yearning for try a salad made of sprouts with a dash of lemon.
  • Remember to be regular with your exercises, sleep schedules and drink adequate amounts of water through out the day during your pregnancy.

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