7 ways to hide your pregnancy if you don't want to let the world know!

You don't need to stop hanging out with your friends or posting your pictures on Instagram.

Are you not ready to let the world know the good news that you are pregnant? Don t worry as we have tips that will help you keep your pregnancy a secret even on social media. You can use these excuses to explain your fatigue and growing belly before your friends, family and co-workers.

  1. If your friends have lately noticed that you are low on energy blame it on that detox juice cleanse diet that you are not doing. Just make sure that your colleagues or friends don t notice you snacking on that afternoon brownie.
  2. Avoiding alcohol can prove to be one of the biggest pregnancy giveaways. But you can avoid any speculations by ordering the bartender for cranberry and soda. No one will ever get a clue that there is no vodka mixed in it.
  3. If you suddenly start wearing baggy pants and loose pyjamas people will guess that something is fishy. No one will even get a hint if you are still rocking the latest fashion and dressing up as you would always do. Here are 10 ways pregnancy changes your body nobody tells you about.
  4. Slouchy pants are in this year means that you can button those low-rise jeans under your belly. Just make sure that your shirt or your top gives enough coverage to keep your belly a secret. You can also go for skirts and dresses that cover your belly fully.
  5. If your friends ask you why you did not respond to their text messages last night, tell them that you were too busy binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix. No one needs to know you were too tired. You can tackle fatigue during pregnancy with these tips.
  6. And you do not have to stop yourself from taking selfies. If your middle looks a little expanded, focus on your face and go with a close-up. You can also keep your face slightly down and to the side so that any facial fullness is not visible.
  7. You do not have to explain to your workout buddies why you have been skipping your gym sessions lately. Just tell them that you have switched to a home workout and you like it that way.

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