Top 2020 trending names for winter babies

Top 2020 trending names for winter babies

Are you an expecting parent? If your baby is due to come in winters, here are a few baby names for you to choose from.

Written by Jahnavi Sarma |Published : September 3, 2020 12:57 PM IST

If you are an expecting mom or dad, you must be getting ready to welcome your little one to this world. You want everything to be perfect for him or her. But among the many things that you need to do, the most important is to choose the right name for your baby. You will, no doubt, get many suggestions from friends and well-wishers. But you may want to choose something different and unique. This is where we come in. If your baby is due to come in winters, here are a few baby names for you to choose from.

Trending baby girls' names

A daughter can bring great joy to your lives. As parents, you are sure to want the perfect name for her. Here are a few options if your tiny tot is arriving in the winter months.

Ahana: This means 'the first rays of sun'. A perfect name for a winter girl.

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Ahladita: This means 'in a happy and nice mood'. Since your daughter has brightened up your winter days, this may be a name that you may wish to choose.

Ameya: A perfect name for your baby that means 'boundless'.

Anila: Winter winds are refreshing and rejuvenating. This name means 'child of the wind'.

Eira: This is a pretty Welsh name for 'snow'.

Haima: If you live in a very cold place that enjoys snowfall, you may consider this name which means 'of the snow'.

Himani: This is also another name for 'snow'.

Lumi: A literal translation for 'snow' in Finnish, you may want this sweet name for your little one.

Neva: This is Spanish variation for snow (nieve). A river in Russia near St. Petersburg is also called Neva.

Sheen: This is also another perfect wintry name, which again means 'snow'.

Tusharika: This is a sweet and unique name that means 'snowflake'.

Hemanta: This means 'early winter', a perfect name for a child born just at the beginning of the cold season.

Ridhushni: This means 'season'. This is also a good choice for your little one.

Tuhina: This word means 'snow'. A sweet and evocative name.

Trending baby boys' names

So, you are all ready for your bundle of joy to warm your arms during the cold winter months. Here are a few names for your winter baby.

Abhinanda: This means 'to rejoice, to celebrate, to praise, to bless, delight'.

Abhirakshit: This unusual name means 'the one who is protected'.

Abzar: A strong name that means 'powerful, mighty'.

Advait: This unique name means just that 'unique'.

Agnivesh: You may want to consider this name for your boy, which means 'bright as the fire'.

Anshul: Everybody loves the winter sun and this name will surely warm your heart. It means 'sunbeam'.

Aarush: Another name of a winter baby boy, which means 'first winter sun's rays'.

Aryaman: The sun is sought after in winters. This name means 'sun'.

Bhaskar: This is again another name for the sun.

Dhruv: The pole star is known as Dhruv in Sanskrit. This may be a perfect choice for your baby.

Prasal: This means 'winter'. A good option that you may consider.

Prasit: This name that means 'first ray of the winter sun' is sure to warm your heart.

Rutesh: Let your son be the king of seasons, which is what this name signifies.

Shishir: This name denotes the winter season or cold.

Tuhin: This word means 'snow'. A strong name that may be perfect for your baby.