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Checklist for selecting the right prenatal class

Choose a prenatal class that meets all your expectations.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Updated : November 2, 2015 6:54 PM IST

There are various benefits of enrolling yourself for a prenatal class. Studies indicate that these prenatal or parenting classes help reduce stress and depression and prepare you for the delivery and postpartum. Choosing the right class is very important and following are some of the points you must consider.

Credibility: Just like you would research before sending your child to a particular school, checking the credentials of the classes and the trainers or educators is very important. Childbirth education requires formal training and you must ensure that the class is certified to operate. The educators must be from the health or medical field and trained to conduct prenatal classes. Here s how Lamaze can simplify your journey from pregnancy to childbirth.

Experience: Along with a degree, look for sufficient work experience to better your experience of attending the class. Check the duration the classes have been operating for and if they have any branches. If the classes have multiple trainers, confirm if your trainer/educator is experienced enough.

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Recommendations: Testimonials, first-hand experiences are all good and if your doctor or midwife has recommended it, even better. However, the other tips for choosing your option must not be ignored.

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Class timings: This is an important factor, especially if you are a working professional or want to attend the classes with your partner who is busy on weekdays. Most classes are scheduled to meet these needs. There are weekend sessions for couples too. Fix a time and duration suitable to you and select the classes which match your requirements.

Location: You do not want to spend time driving far off for the classes. While the proximity of location is necessary, the place where the sessions are held, is to be considered too. Most people conduct these classes at hospitals, studios, community health centres and few from home. Are you comfortable with going to someone else s home for learning about childbirth? Is it safe? Is it professional? Think about these factors before you square down on an option. These 9 practical tips can help you through a normal delivery.

Content and teaching method: Childbirth education is advancing and there are so many new techniques and methods introduced each day. Is the content of your course up-to-date? Is your educator abreast with the latest methods and information? A little research will help you know the new techniques and you can always cross check it with your educator. Some classes cover only labour pains and delivery while there are others that educate you on coping with life post delivery, handling postpartum depression and so on. Lectures, demonstrations, and activities are conducted to make it fun and reduce the anxiety during pregnancy.

Of all the options, the one that meets all your expectations should be your choice. Attending a prenatal class is one of the best decisions you will make during pregnancy and you will thank yourself for it during delivery and after that.

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